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With the dawn of the digital age, video and transmission technologies have changed dramatically. A variety of new technologies and devices make it possible to efficiently monitor and keep an eye on internal and external objects to ensure security, locally, regionally or worldwide when you are on holiday. The need for video surveillance is no longer limited to commercial customers. Private households can also protect themselves from property damage and personal injury with smaller, customised surveillance systems. BURG-GUARD is your specialist for modern technical equipment and comprehensive advice, regardless of whether you want to protect your company or your private home.

BURG-GUARD offers a wide range of surveillance cameras from which you can choose the right one. This includes not only classic, analogue CCTV cameras, but also ultra-modern HD cameras that provide a crystal-clear, large image. Regardless of whether you want your video surveillance to be analogue or digital, BURG-GUARD not only provides the relevant hardware but also the necessary expertise to find the optimum solution and guarantee your satisfaction.

Cameras are just one aspect of video surveillance that needs to be considered. A well-equipped system cannot do without other components in order to transmit, display and, if necessary, record the signals without interference. Of course, our services also cover the other areas of video surveillance. With a large selection of cables, recorders, monitors, routers and the associated tools, we can guarantee all-round equipment from a single source.

Setting up and planning a surveillance system requires the appropriate expertise. In addition to the technology, we are also happy to support you with the necessary expertise to make the feeling of security perfect.