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08.03.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Choosing Door Closers is a Critical Element of Fire Safety

Every now and then, news reminds us of the devastation that a large building fire can cause. One consequence is that fire doors now receive the attention and regulation that they deserve, both nationally and internationally. Just as important, however, is that a fire door must be properly closed to be effective. Assa Abloy has a complete range of door closing solutions to meet the needs and regulations of almost every type of of door in every building.

05.03.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Charging and Storing Lithium-Ion Batteries Correctly

Lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages. They are long lasting, have a high energy density and are only slightly self-discharging. The batteries are therefore particularly practical for many devices in the industrial sector as well as in security technology. However, one thing should always be borne in mind: Lithium and many of its compounds are highly flammable and highly reactive. Certified and GS-tested type 90 safety cabinet models enable the highest safety requirements to be met when storing and charging lithium-ion batteries.

28.02.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Smart Fire Monitoring in Cement Production

Clinker production requires extremely high temperatures. Fuels therefore need to be kept at the ready to provide the necessary energy. However, whatever burns during a ­manufacturing process is also a fire hazard. The Heidelberg Materials cement plant in Schelklingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany therefore uses infrared thermal imaging cameras to enable smart early fire detection.

22.02.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Video-Based Fire Detection: You Can’t Fool AI

The revolution in fire protection is underway as AI-powered video-based fire detection represents one of the most significant advancements in the field. Bosch Building Technologies’ Aviotec 8000i IR solution utilizes AI algorithms for smoke and flame detection. These deep learning-based algorithms enable real-time, accurate fire detection while minimizing false alarms.

20.02.2024 • NewsFire Protection

Euralarm starts new Task Force Video Fire Detection

The Euralarm Fire Section has started a new Task Force that will focus on video fire detection. The start of the new task force follows after identifying video as an expanding technology for the fire business. The scope is to investigate mainly both products / systems and installations of video fire detection in general including thermal video fire detection.

09.02.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Why Businesses Need Thermal Condition Based Monitoring

Product quality is high on the priority list of any reputable manufacturer. Whether your business manufacturers finished articles or components for other business to incorporate into their products, the risks are the same: If your production equipment fails, your business quickly transitions from a profitable organisation to a loss-making company.

08.02.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Fire Detection 2024

Fire is a bad thing, so the earlier a developing fire can be detected, the better. Early warning can prevent severe damage, environmental pollution, and most importantly save lives. There are various ways of detecting a fire, some of which have been around for decades and others that are emerging as faster, more efficient, or more reliable. Although GIT SECURITY already reported on this subject quite recently, the latest developments deserve a mention here so that you are up-to-date on your options.

08.02.2024 • NewsFire Protection

New Fire Manager App part of Siemens Building X Expansion

Siemens Smart Infrastructure is launching a new version of ‘Fire Manager’, its dedicated web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) fire app that offers service providers and fire safety managers the capability to have all fire safety sites in one view. The status of buildings can be easily monitored, with more information available by clicking on a site of interest via a fully encrypted connection that ensures the safety of the data.

07.12.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Streamlining Fire Door Inspection with an App

The creation of clear, transparent audit trails boosts the safety of multi-residential properties and reassures both owners and building residents. Having a reliable and up-to-date source of specification information is essential to maximize the effectiveness of the inspection cycle. As at many other stages of the building lifecycle, digitalization can be an ideal solution.

11.09.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

There Is No Standard Solution for Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Wagner Group has developed a customized fire protection solution for Kettler Alu-Rad for their automated high-bay warehouse. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are installed in e-bikes and stored prior to shipping present a big challenge because of the fire risk of their composition, a challenge met by Wagner Group with the help of extensive fire testing – and a combination of fire detection and fire prevention by oxygen reduction.

08.09.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

The Bosch Approach to Protecting Life and Assets

Bosch Building Technologies has developed an impressive range of fire protection solutions over the years and does not stop there. They run regular updates in their product portfolio, also introducing innovative technology like video-based fire detection to the established solutions to extend the scope of applications. GIT SECURITY talked to two Product Managers at Bosch in the area of Fire Safety: Sören Wittmann, Product Manager for Aviotec and Sebastian Wehr, Product Manager for Fire Detectors, about the latest developments in their fire detection portfolio and the next generation of the video-based fire detection, Aviotec.

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