11.02.2021 • WhitepaperSecurity

ePaper: 2021 Trends in Video Surveillance

2020 imparted a worldwide pandemic. Social unrest. Political divisiveness. Unprecedented wildfires. And a near record-breaking hurricane/typhoon season. As relieved as the world may be to put this challenging year behind us, all these disparate-yet-connected events didn’t magically disappear once the ball dropped on midnight, December 31.

16.12.2020 • WhitepaperSecurity

A case history with Micro-Ray linear barrier from CIAS

CIAS and the company G&G Electric S.r.l. have secured the production site of a major Italian television station: a complex and highly articulated perimeter, over 2km long, which includes recording studios, warehouses and offices. The Security Manager of the structure made it a condition that the system must implement the most advanced technologies and guarantee maximum site security.

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