12.03.2024 • ProductSafety

HVI Light Plus for Lightning Protection Applications

When installing bare, uninsulated air-termination conductors on the roof, the separation distance to electrical and metal systems installed under the roof surface must be maintained in accordance with the current lightning protection standard DIN EN 62305-3. Cable installations, pipe systems or metal parts are frequently installed under the roofing in direct proximity to the air-termination system / down conductor, thus posing a proximity issue. The solution is isolated air-termination systems with high-voltage-resistant, insulated down conductors.

12.03.2024 • ProductSafety

DEHNventil ACI M: Standard-compliant Surge Protection in Industry

High demands are placed on the availability of switchgear in, for example, industrial plants, data centres, hospitals and large administrative buildings. This makes surge protection essential. At the same time, replacement of the surge protection module should not influence system availability. The new DEHNventil ACI M TNS 264 FM has no backup fuse and is flexible in terms of its application. In the event of a fault, the protection module is safely disconnected and can be quickly removed from the base part from either side or the front. The touch-safe design allows the protection module to be replaced without system downtime. The ACI technology employed also enables connection cross-sections of just 16 mm2. This facilitates installation and saves time.

29.12.2023 • NewsSafety

Intersec 2024 Experts Affirm Middle East Aviation's Resilience

As latest International Air Transport Association (IATA) figures show that the strong post-pandemic passenger traffic trend continues in the Middle East, with regional airlines seeing a 26.6 percent increase in September traffic compared to 2022, emerging security challenges and threats to the aviation industry in the Middle East will be discussed in detail at Intersec 2024, which takes place from 16-18 January 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

26.10.2023 • TopstoriesSafety

Safety Shoes for Different Weather Conditions

There is no such thing as the one safety shoe that provides optimum protection and safety in all weather conditions. That's why Ejendals has developed four models that are uniform in their basic functions and appearance, but each contain special features tailored to the season. For example, the Jalas 1398 Heavy Duty GTX is particularly suited to cold weather work and offers additional stability in snow and ice with its Vibram Arctic Grip Pro outsole.

26.10.2023 • NewsSafety

A+A 2023: International Trade Show for a Better Working World

“Impulses for a better working world” is the leading motto of this year's A+A and the parallel congress organized by Messe Düsseldorf together with the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit (Basi) e.V. (Federal Association for Occupational and Health).

19.09.2023 • TopstoriesSafety

Preventing Arc Faults in Electrical Installations

“A gas discharge between two electrodes!” This is the definition of an electric arc. If an arc like this occurs in an environment involving high energies, an enormously hot plasma with extremely strong luminosity is created through which current flows continuously. The arc also creates a massive pressure wave that results in a loud bang. This undesirable occurrence in electrical installations is correspondingly dangerous. It is referred to in this context as an arc fault. In addition to the significant damage that such arc faults can cause in the affected installations themselves, they also pose a direct threat to the life and limb of everyone who carries out their work in environments of this nature. As a specialist for electrical occupational safety, Dehn assists in creating a comprehensive arc fault protection concept to ensure better protection for people and installations.

26.05.2023 • NewsSafety

Operational Hygiene of PPE in the Fire Service

The proper handling of contaminated PPE not only starts at the laundry or respiratory protection workshop. After each assignment, the equipment must be properly stored, packaged, transported and prepared. This is the only way to ensure the safety of service forces.

26.04.2022 • TopstoriesSafety

Hard as Steel!

The latest production technologies are the focus for the steel giant ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel manufacturer.

11.03.2022 • TopstoriesSafety

No More Greenwashing in Workwear Production

The textile industry impacts severely upon the environment worldwide. Fristads wants to promote work on sustainability in the industry, which means taking account of the entire product life cycle. This involves making production processes and the environmental impacts of garments transparent for consumers. GIT SECURITY spoke with Marcus Gotthardt, Digital Sales Manager for the DACH region in January 2022.

01.02.2022 • TopstoriesSafety

“PRK” Type Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensors

“Untouched since the ice age” is not a marketing slogan, but a fact – a real piece of the ice age that still exists­ today: When the ice melted, immense amounts of water drained away into the rock of the Swabian Alp ­mountains. The earth shifting in an unusual way then caused this reservoir to be sealed off approximately 400 ­meters below the outside world. Since then, heavy layers of impermeable stone have prevented rainwater from seeping through to the reservoir and have protected it from all the environmental influences of our time.

27.12.2021 • NewsSafety

Securing Guam’s Tourism Industry

Since 2004, G4S has played a pivotal role in securing almost every aspect of Guam’s biggest industry, tourism, protecting vacationers who visit Guam and ensuring they have the best possible experience. 

15.10.2021 • NewsSafety

A+A 2021: Fire Brigades and Digitalisation

For fire brigades digitalisation is especially helpful for operational preparation and education. The Covid pandemic and floods in the most recent past have shown that disasters first have to be met with robust technology, experience and leadership personality. But even drones provide more and more helpful services.

04.10.2021 • TopstoriesSafety

Addressing IoT Security Issues in Manufacturing Sites

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) has enjoyed explosive growth in recent times, it’s still a relatively recent concept. It is based around the idea of connecting any devices or objects that incorporate electronics, software or sensors, with the aim of collecting and exchanging data. Over the past few years, IoT has spread like wildfire, and shows little sign of slowing down. However, the component manufacturer Omron points out that this rapid increase in the number of devices or end points for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) also means that there is a correspondingly higher risk in terms of security.

01.10.2021 • NewsSafety

Travel risks: Safeture provides a free review tool for new ISO 31030

The risks on business trips have risen sharply - not least due to the corona pandemic - and so have the demands on companies since they have a legal duty of care towards their employees and protect them from dangers. The innovative platform provider for travel and employee safety, Safeture, has developed a review tool together with Aon, a leading global consulting and service company that quickly and easily checks how well companies meet the new guidance document.

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