Assa Aboy's battery-powered Aperio KL100 secures lockers

Boost workplace security and operational flexibility by securing more than just doors.


Often overlooked, storage for valuables, documents and personal items deserves the same protection as offices, labs or accommodation. Yet many solutions leave these important access points poorly secured. Intelligent electronic control may go no farther than the door, ignoring the critical security needs of many forgotten openings.

One longstanding facilities management solution is to run parallel systems: electronic access for doors alongside mechanical security for “non-door” openings which many electronic systems cannot accommodate.

However, running two access control workflows based on different technologies increases risk and complexity. It eats up admin time. Users need to carry multiple credentials, so there’s a greater chance they lose one. Security teams must issue, track and monitor multiple credentials and credential types.

It creates unnecessary hassle for everyone.

Hassle-free electronic security for cabinets or cupboards
A cabinet or drawer lock fitted at relevant points, and integrated with the central security system, can give many valuable assets the security they require. Once integrated with the system software, this electronic device can prevent unauthorized access and reduce workplace theft − which in the USA alone may cost businesses $50 billion annually*.

In the healthcare sector, enhanced cabinet security protects medicines and smaller equipment. In universities and schools, students experience peace of mind when they can leave belongings in changing area or room lockers which are properly secured. In airports and manufacturing facilities, some regulations mandate extra security for certain documents.

And in today’s more flexible workplaces, many office users don’t have their own desk, where they can safely store confidential or valuable items. The right cabinet security helps these users have more confidence in their belongings’ safety when on-site.

Yet how can facilities managers identify the best devices − easy to install, convenient and cost-efficient to run − and integrate them without difficulty or expense?

Integrated hardware and software solutions for forgotten openings
Assa Abloy offers a broad range of security solutions for these forgotten access points. In many cases, multiple non-door locking types may also be integrated with a third-party access system and managed together, to maximize flexibility and efficiency.

For example, the new battery-powered Aperio KL100 secures lockers, cabinets, cupboards, drawers and more. It quickly makes almost any small opening part of an access control ecosystem. This small, powerful device integrates seamlessly with any new or existing system — from over 100 different manufacturers and counting. Existing user credentials do not need to be replaced. Businesses no longer experience the hassle and inflexibility of physical keys.

For maximum user convenience, an Aperio KL100 can be unlocked with mobile keys via Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC, as well as smartcards using all major RFID protocols. The device accepts multiple credential technologies simultaneously, in parallel, so security managers can roll out mobile keys gradually.

The Aperio KL100 is designed for minimal disruption to furniture. A tiny footprint and wire-free operation ensure it is fitted quickly without causing damage or making any visual impact. With two different lengths and several CAM options, the KL100 is a straightforward retrofit solution. It suits almost any locker, cabinet or drawer, whether wooden or metal.

For maximum flexibility, an Aperio KL100 may be connected Online, Offline or via OSS compliant integration — and switched between them at any time. There’s no software or databases to install: It plugs right into an existing system. Online management enables real-time control over every KL100 lock, with easy access rights administration and instant availability of audit trails for any opening or user — which makes incident investigation fast and accurate.

Replacing keys with easy electronic access management
Finavia, operator of Helsinki Airport, discovered the efficiency advantages of deploying multiple compatible solutions to enhance overall workplace security**. At the airport, they must lock everything from doors and fences to cargo — as well as cabinets.

Working with Assa Abloy gave Finavia the broadest possible choice to meet their broad range of needs. Aperio devices were easy to install — without the cabling which traditional wired electronic locks require.

Devices integrate seamlessly with their Lenel system. It’s now simple to audit access if an incident occurs. Any employee’s individual permissions may be revoked at any time via the Lenel control panel.

Authorized airport employees come and go with programmable, secure ID cards. It’s much more convenient than a mechanical key: “When employees change, their access is disabled,” explains Kari Mäkinen, the airport’s Senior Access Control Specialist. “Or if the card is lost, it can be completely removed from the system. With mechanical keys, that process is much harder.”

To learn how you can extend electronic access control with the Aperio KL100 Wireless Cabinet Lock, download a free Solution Guide.


Assa Abloy Aperio KL100

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