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12.04.2024 • ProductSecurity

Drive Technology That's Easier to Find

Drive specialist Enemac has prioritised user-friendliness and ease of access above all else with the redesign of its website. It has paid particular attention to optimising the product compass for safety and shaft couplings.

09.04.2024 • ProductSecurity

Cloud Storage Solution for Sensitive Video Material

Review, storage and management of sensitive video clips is now easier with the launch of a new cloud storage solution. Integrated and intelligent security solutions provider 3xLOGIC has introduced VIGIL NVR Case Management, a standalone cloud storage solution for VIGIL NVRs.

21.03.2024 • ProductSecurity

Stylish New Entrance Control from Gunnebo

Gunnebo Entrance Control has launched SpeedStile FP Glide as a stylish new form of entrance control, designed to meet the evolving security needs of modern offices, public spaces, and commercial buildings.

12.03.2024 • ProductSafety

HVI Light Plus for Lightning Protection Applications

When installing bare, uninsulated air-termination conductors on the roof, the separation distance to electrical and metal systems installed under the roof surface must be maintained in accordance with the current lightning protection standard DIN EN 62305-3. Cable installations, pipe systems or metal parts are frequently installed under the roofing in direct proximity to the air-termination system / down conductor, thus posing a proximity issue. The solution is isolated air-termination systems with high-voltage-resistant, insulated down conductors.

12.03.2024 • ProductSafety

DEHNventil ACI M: Standard-compliant Surge Protection in Industry

High demands are placed on the availability of switchgear in, for example, industrial plants, data centres, hospitals and large administrative buildings. This makes surge protection essential. At the same time, replacement of the surge protection module should not influence system availability. The new DEHNventil ACI M TNS 264 FM has no backup fuse and is flexible in terms of its application. In the event of a fault, the protection module is safely disconnected and can be quickly removed from the base part from either side or the front. The touch-safe design allows the protection module to be replaced without system downtime. The ACI technology employed also enables connection cross-sections of just 16 mm2. This facilitates installation and saves time.

13.02.2024 • ProductSecurity

Assa Abloy Openings Studio: Door Specification Software You Can Access From Anywhere

​​​​​​​Specifying, surveying, installing, inspecting and maintaining doors requires a vast amount of information. It is vital that all technical data is trustworthy and timely, a task made harder by the diversity of project stakeholders who are inevitably involved. Now a single software subscription, for PC, tablet and smartphone, can help you marshal all information across the whole life-cycle of a building without hassle — another case where digitalization delivers concrete benefits.

13.12.2023 • ProductSecurity

Nedap Launches Access AtWork

The next generation of access control: Nedap announces the launch of a SaaS access control system which brings convenience and security together in one solution.

19.11.2023 • ProductSecurity

Assa Abloy’s Ecliq Smart Key Technology Wins Prestigious 2023 Awards

​​​​​​​More than 700 international brands competed for the renowned Plus X Award this year. International and independent expert jurors selected the 2023 winners in the world’s largest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle, across more than 80 industries. Assa Abloy’s Ecliq smart key-based access control solution was among them.

09.09.2023 • ProductSecurity

Assa Abloy launches Aperio KL100

Access control should not stop at doors: In shared spaces, valuables and other personal items deserve the same protection as offices, treatment rooms or server racks. Many access solutions are limited to the door environment. This is where the new Aperio KL100 comes in: It integrates seamlessly with more than 100 access control systems, bringing security to many access points beyond just doors.

27.07.2023 • ProductSecurity

Commercial Series Motion Detectors with MEMS sensors

MEMS sensors (microelectromechanical systems) are able to detect mechanical, magnet, even chemical changes and convert these into elcetrical signals. Therefore they are reliable and have a great precision. Catch performance and false-alarm immunity profit from these tiny “all-rounders”. Bosch's latest motion detectors series are equipped with them.

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