05.07.2024 • ProductSecurity

Satel Debuts at Security Essen

A Polish manufacturer of automation solutions, access control and fire alarm systems is showing its range of 30 wireless office and home security devices on its debut at Security Essen.

05.07.2024 • NewsSecurity

BSIA Awards Go Live Again

The British Security Awards returned to the live stage to celebrate security excellence with 19 awards presented to security officers and businesses.

04.07.2024 • ProductSecurity

Four New Cameras from 3xLogic

A leading provider of security hardware, software and cloud-based solutions has launched four new cameras and imager solutions, each offering specific features.

03.07.2024 • NewsSecurity

Radar is Vital in Security Design

Radar has been applied for demanding applications for decades. It was originally used by the military and to help with airplane and ship navigation, environments that set high standards for reliability and precision.

26.06.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Paris Goes for Gold

The Paris Olympics 2024 begin in exactly one month. Making the Games in the French capital safe involves securing the venues, the sightseeing attractions and above all the spectators

20.06.2024 • NewsSecurity

Amthal Demonstrates Growth Intent

Amthal group companies have welcomed more than 20 new team members in the first half of 2024, demonstrating its commitment to growth, innovation and service excellence.

07.06.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Video Syncs with Giant EV Charging Park

Merklingen train station in Germany has installed smart video analytics to protect the largest Electric Vehicle (EV) charging car park in the world., with 259 charging points powered by locally generated solar power.

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