03.08.2021 • Webinar

Fire Protection: Europe needs an Action Plan

The former Fire Chief, Elie van Strien, has seen many devastating fires and was there for many after and during fires. But now he wants to be a part in the big context of preventing fires. This is why he is the founding member of an alliance in Europe that wants to make a change in fire safety on a big scale.

12.07.2021 • Webinar

Panel Discussion: Managing the Risks

Patrick Geldmacher, International Sales Manager, Advancis Software & Services GmbH, Roy Band, Community Manager Middle Europe, Milestone, Christofer Sauer, Sales Engineer Team Leader DACH und ECE, Genetec.

09.07.2021 • Webinar

Are we already over the hump of this pandemic?

Where exactly do we stand globally? How should it be handled in terms of safety? And why is this more than just one country for itself? Anja Opitz talks about the evolution of the pandemic and gives valuable insights into many factors that should be considered for now and the future at Wiley Industry Days 2021.

07.07.2021 • Webinar

ONVIF: Driving the Future of Interoperability

Common interfaces that enable interoperability between hardware and software offerings from different vendors are critical for integrators and end users seeking to build the right solution for their application and the flexibility to change and add to their systems over time.