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Dehn ist ein marktführendes, international tätiges Familienunternehmen der Elektrotechnik mit weltweit mehr als 1600 Mitarbeitern und bietet innovative Produkte und Lösungen sowie umfangreichen Service für den Überspannungs-, Blitz- und Arbeitsschutz.


Surge Protection Makes for Reliable MCS
28.06.2024 • NewsSafety

Surge Protection Makes for Reliable MCS

Technical building equipment and measuring and control systems (MCS) must function reliably and signal paths must be designed to be fail-safe. Surge protection plays an important role in this.

Preventing Arc Faults in Electrical Installations
19.09.2023 • TopstoriesSafety

Preventing Arc Faults in Electrical Installations

“A gas discharge between two electrodes!” This is the definition of an electric arc. If an arc like this occurs in an environment involving high energies, an enormously hot plasma with extremely strong luminosity is created through which current flows continuously. The arc also creates a massive pressure wave that results in a loud bang. This undesirable occurrence in electrical installations is correspondingly dangerous. It is referred to in this context as an arc fault. In addition to the significant damage that such arc faults can cause in the affected installations themselves, they also pose a direct threat to the life and limb of everyone who carries out their work in environments of this nature. As a specialist for electrical occupational safety, Dehn assists in creating a comprehensive arc fault protection concept to ensure better protection for people and installations.