Surge Protection Makes for Reliable MCS

Technical building equipment and measuring and control systems (MCS) must function reliably and signal paths must be designed to be fail-safe. Surge protection plays an important role in this.

System protection for building technology and MCS
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Arresters from the Blitzductorconnect and Dehnpatch product families protect MCS circuits, the DC mains supply, Ethernet infrastructure as well as bus and telecommunication interfaces against damage in the event of lightning and surges.

Permanent monitoring of both product families by Dehnrecord IRCM enables the fast detection and notification of arrester failure and faults. If an arrester fails, a remote signal is automatically sent so that the module concerned can be replaced without delay.

Lightning Current and Surge Arresters

The combined lightning current and surge arresters of the Blitzductorconnect family protect both measuring circuits and bus systems. Specially approved product variants for intrinsically safe signaling circuits are also available. The fail-open function ensures that normal operation continues even if an arrester needs to be replaced.

Overloaded components are disconnected from the signaling circuit and the system circuit remains available. The arrester can be replaced during operation with all production processes up and running. Thanks to an integrated status indication with a matching remote signaling unit and the predefined failure behavior of the arrester, the operator is always aware of the status.

The Blitzductorconnect protective devices are available in a compact or modular design. Both variants have a width of just 6mm. Functions such as the secure release buttons (secR) and the push-in terminals also help to optimize installation and maintenance work.

The arrester itself has a simple disconnection function. Plugging the arrester module in the other way around interrupts the signal circuit – giving a time advantage when performing measurements.

Structured Cabling Caters to Rapid Data

Advancing digitalization demands an ever faster supply of data: high transmission volumes and ever improving bandwidths are a prerequisite here. Structured cabling is an important component of today’s network topology for information and data technology. In this context, safety is a multifaceted topic in which lightning current and surge arresters play an important role.

The Dehnpatch DPA CL8 EA 4PPOE arrester is designed for use in a switchgear cabinet or data distributor and can handle data rates of up to 10 GBit/s. With Power over Ethernet (up to 4 PPoE with a power transmission of up to 100 W), class EA transmission standard (maximum 500 MHz), status indication, and the possibility of remote signaling, the Dehnpatch is equipped for modern applications. Dehnpatch has the GHMT-approved seal of quality which affirms that the arrester has met the normative requirements and standards for high-performance networks of data technology.

The Dehnrecord IRCM condition monitoring unit, a DIN rail device set with a visual transmitter/receiver and a visual reverse unit, enables condition-based monitoring of Blitzductorconnect and Dehnpatch arresters in a single system solution. It is a visual monitoring principle – resistant to extraneous light. The arrester status is signaled quickly and easily via an LED group display combined with a remote signaling contact.

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