03.07.2024 • News

Additions to the Praesensa Ecosystem


Bosch has unveiled the latest additions to its Praesensa ecosystem, the PRA-WCP wall control panel and version 2.0 of the Praesensa Public Address and Voice Alarm (PA/VA) system software. The hardware and software solutions enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of sound system management for system designers, systems integrators, and professional users by simplifying sound system setup and control. The IP-networked wall control panel has a 4.5 cm (1.77”) color TFT display and a single-knob rotary/push encoder. This intuitive design allows personnel to effortlessly adjust the volume of background music and select the audio source for a specific zone. System designers can configure minimum and maximum volume settings to tailor the sound levels according to the needs of each zone. Support for Unicode characters enables the display of zone names and music channels in various languages. The panel has PoE capability, making it a straightforward addition to both EU and US standard wall-mount boxes. It also comes with interchangeable front covers in white and black to match a variety of room aesthetics. For larger installations or areas requiring multiple control points, several PRA-WCP panels can operate within a single zone while maintaining synchronized control settings across each of the TFT displays. Enhanced security is provided through PIN access, ensuring that only authorized personnel can control the background music settings. The PRA-WCP wall control panel offers a cost-effective solution to manage background music, whether in small setups or large-scale projects requiring numerous control panels. The Praesensa software version 2.0 is available for free download from the Bosch Security Systems website, ensuring that all users can benefit from the enhanced functionality and user experience.

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