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Automated Parking Guidance System for Wind Creek Hospitality Chicago

The Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) by TKH Security helps hospitality guests of Wind Creek Chicago Southland to find parking at their new 1,000 space parking facility.

Green and red LED lights on the smart sensors indicate to parkers at Wind Creek...
Green and red LED lights on the smart sensors indicate to parkers at Wind Creek Chicago Southland where available spaces are located. ©TKH

TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) announces its camera-based Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS), the Park Assist solution, has been selected as a cornerstone of the parking and transportation experience at Wind Creek Hospitality’s new location outside Chicago, IL. Wind Creek Chicago Southland is anticipated to open later this year, including their new 1,000+ space parking facility.

Monitoring Occupancy at New Parking Facility

Wind Creek Hospitality is the principal entertainment and gaming entity for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and has become one of the most respected and fastest growing brands in the gaming industry. Boasting more than 35 successful years in business, the Wind Creek Hospitality group’s newest addition, Chicago Southland, will have more than 70,000 square feet and feature 1,350 slot machines, 56 table games, and luxury dining and accommodations. Wind Creek Hospitality not only has a reputation for success in business but also for charitable involvement in areas it has locations, making it a top priority to be a good neighbor and invest back into these communities.

“Wind Creek has such a rich history and proven record for providing top-notch guest experiences at each location. Similarly at Chicago Southland, every aspect of the development puts their guests first, including parking,” said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. “Our technology both maximizes occupancy in garages for peak efficiency and quickly directs guests to open spaces, beginning the luxury experience that continues throughout their visit.”

Green and Red LED Lights on Smart Sensors to Indicate Parking Availability

In the casino’s new parking structure, M5 Smart Sensors will monitor up to six parking spaces at once, sending HD video to the central database, INX. By streaming HD footage around the clock, Facilities Management will be able to accurately monitor occupancy and activity in real-time. To make the parking experience frictionless for guests, green and red LED lights on the smart sensors will indicate to parkers at Wind Creek Chicago Southland where available spaces are located. This method reduces their time to park by up to 63% which, by extension, reduces vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.

Chicago Southland’s automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

  • The camera-based C5 Smart Counting Solution, to be installed at key points, accurately detecting bidirectional traffic and reporting those counts to both VMS signs and INX,
  • VMS NAV signage, with maximum messaging flexibility, placed strategically at decision points to assist drivers with wayfinding,
  • Park Alerts, designed to instantly notify management when certain vehicles enter the facility, such as VIP guests or those who have been banned from the premises,
  • Park Finder, a proprietary technology utilizing license plate recognition that will help guests quickly locate their vehicle,
  • and INX Integration, providing Chicago Southland with powerful data analytics and reporting tools, which will enable them to make data-driven decisions for ongoing improvements to their parking operations. Available real-time and historical actionable data will include: occupancy, dwell, turnover, heatmaps, frequency, trends, comparative analysis, and environmental conditions.

“Wind Creek Casino chose to work with us because of our leading APGS technology and our experience in camera-based parking guidance installations. It’s an honor to be selected and I look forward to beginning this installation in Q1 2024,” said Sparrow.

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