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Comelit to Raise Money for NHS Charity

In order to raise money for the National Health Service, Comelit members have committed to run, walk and cycle the equivalent miles from its UK offices in Luton to its Italian headquarters in Lorenzo di Rovetta, Italy. The challenge, aptly named ‘The Italian Jog', will see members of the security and fire specialist’s team hope to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities, which is dedicated to supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. 

“When one of the team said in our briefings, 'hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea' I was instantly ready to support, especially for our NHS Heroes," said Francesca Boeris, Comelit UK Managing Director. "This is a big pledge, but one to which we have committed to ensure we can make a difference to the critical work being done to protect lives at this uncertain time.”

Comelit is now looking to support workplaces scheduled to return to work, introducing touch screen access control devices with integrated IR scanner for temperature checks, and thermal camera technology to help ensure the safety of returning workers and customers.

Boeris added: “In the words of our CEO Edoardo Barzasi, we are taking the necessary measures and offering the right resources to overcome the situation. This is not only in terms of product offering, but also service requirements. As an industry, we are undoubtedly in this together and will continue to be, understanding the new normal and what is being asked of all us to protect our workers and customers.”

Comelit will be posting regularly on social media with updates on the team’s progress as it travels through virtual destinations and reaches its target.  


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