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Morse Watchmans: Virtual Law Enforcement HQ

Morse Watchmans' Virtual Law Enforcement HQ showcases key and asset control solutions. The interactive online headquarters allows visitors to browse a range of solutions based on various law enforcement applications.

Morse Watchmans launched the Virtual Law Enforcement HQ (HQ), an interactive experience that demonstrates how the company’s key control and asset management solutions can be applied within police agencies to create a verifiable chain of custody and facilitate heighted levels of security. 

“The Virtual Law Enforcement HQ provides a unique, dynamic platform to explore how our key control and asset management solutions can revolutionize security and accountability within their operations,” said Tim Purpura, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “With this virtual experience, we aim to showcase how Morse Watchmans solutions support law enforcement in their mission to safeguard communities through innovative and reliable technology solutions."

Online visitors are invited to tour the interactive Morse Watchmans Virtual Law Enforcement HQ to view the various asset management and key control applications for law enforcement. Such applications include:

Weapons Storage: Morse Watchmans’ asset management solutions for law enforcement are designed to provide comprehensive and intelligent control over agency weapons and ammunition when not in use. SmartKey Locker Touch electronic locker systems ensure that munitions stored within can only be accessed by authorized personnel with all access activities automatically recorded,

Evidence Storage: Evidence can be stored directly in electronic asset management solutions, such as the SmartKey Locker Touch, restricting access to authorized personnel only. For evidence kept behind traditional lock and key, the KeyWatcher Touch electronic key control system provides similar protections for evidence access.

Equipment Storage: The SmartKey Locker Touch asset management system from Morse Watchmans acts as a robust central repository for vital equipment, allowing law enforcement personnel to access equipment as needed while maintaining tight control over its usage.

Fleet Management: By implementing a KeyWatcher Fleet key management system, agencies can establish policies that automatically allocate vehicles based on specific criteria, such as mileage, fuel level, or priority. This automation reduces administrative burdens and ensures fair distribution of vehicles among different departments.

Additional applications outlined in the Morse Watchmans Virtual Law Enforcement HQ include applications for file cabinets, lockup areas, and community master keys.

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