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Ajax Special Event: New Products Broadcasted to 96 Countries


On July 9th, Ajax held a big virtual presentation of our their products, the Ajax Special Event. Presented were the devices and software updates that the company focused on in the first half of 2020. 

Users and partners from 96 countries were invited to attend the presentation. Over 3000 people watched it in the first hour. The broadcast was held in 9 languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Turkish.

Two-factor authentication and session control

As early as May, all Ajax users received a strong combo: default sessions control and an option to activate 2-factor authentication. With these, attackers will not be able to access the user’s account even knowing a login and a password. And if an account is accessed from a suspicious device, the users will immediately be notified about this and will be able to terminate a session. 

An alternative power supply unit (PSU)

Now, Ajax can protect movable property without power supply – yachts, delivery vehicles, mobile containers, camper vans. The new PSU 12V and PSU 6V replace standard hub power supplies, allowing you to power the devices from a battery.

Hub 2 Plus

The newest and the most powerful Ajax central unit has a processor that is 4 times more powerful than in a normal hub and has 8 times more memory. Supports more detectors than the previous models – up to 200, including those with photo-verification, and more cameras – up to 100 pieces.

LTE support is available for the first time. In total, there are 4 independent communication channels: 2х SIM (4G/3G/2G), Ethernet, Wi-Fi. In this way, even an abnormal series of failures or malfunctions in the network equipment will not prevent the system from communicating with the outside world. 

Hub data import

With the next update of the branded OS Malevich operating system, Ajax will have the data import function. If, earlier, the process of reconnecting all detectors from an old hub to a new one could take several hours, now, the installer will visit you and manage it in 5 minutes. 

Now, users won’t have to reconfigure the central unit, dismantle and reconnect each device in the system, invite users, and define their rights. To import, users will only need access to the old hub and an internet connection. 

OS Malevich 2.9

The release of OS Malevich 2.9 is scheduled for this August. The new version of the operating system will be available to the hubs of all models within a month.  

The OS update will also bring a number of additional features.

  • Temporary device shutdown will allow users to avoid false alerts if the devices are not working correctly
  • Pulse mode is a temporary power supply to a relay and the Socket smart plug. It will allow you to configure automation scenarios and home protection more comfortably.
  • Custom type alarms for the Button: The panic button can be programmed for a specific notification type – intrusion, fire, medical assistance, panic button, gas alarm.
  • Smartphone coordinates transfer: When the panic button is pressed, the coordinates of your smartphone will be transferred to the security company app. 
  • Protection against accidental pressing for SpaceControl – A command from the key fob can be sent by double or long pressing.
  • Socket light indication setting: It will be possible to adjust/switch off the brightness of the plug lighting.

StreetSiren DoubleDeck

Ajax has a huge geographic challenge. The company operates in many markets, and each region has its own specific equipment requirements. For example, the British security market is a mature market with a lot of established traditions. One of them is branding street sirens. 

Giving the tradition a modern look, Ajax introduced StreetSiren DoubleDeck, a wireless outdoor siren with a mount for a branded front panel. It can display the logo and the contacts of a security or an installation company that is responsible for the security of the facility. 

OS Malevich 2.10

Continuing the regional demands, in the fall, Ajax will present a new operating system OS Malevich 2.10, which will contain a number of software solutions for the entire market. 

Ajax and the Norwegian fire system manufacturer Elotec are working together on the Bergen fire safety project. Ajax fire detectors will protect residential buildings in the medieval city waterfront, which is protected by UNESCO. 

For this, the app and the operating system will have an additional 2-minute delay in the interconnect (when all detectors are activated if one is triggered) of the fire detectors. It will help avoid unnecessary alarms. For example, if a detector was triggered by an overheated pan, and the problem was immediately solved, there would be no point in alerting all residents of a fire threat from the detector sirens.

Also, after this update, Ajax will meet the high British requirements: Alarm confirmation with multiple detectors will become available, and an optional two-stage arming/disarming mode will be introduced.


MultiTransmitter allows users of wired security systems to switch to Ajax painlessly. The new MultiTransmitter integration module allows the integration of third-party wired detectors into the system. It is possible to connect 18 wired devices to it simultaneously and set up an alarm type for each of them. 

Users won’t have to remove cables that have already been laid or throw away the old detectors. Cable devices will be connected to MultiTransmitter and will transmit alarms to the Ajax hub via the Jeweller radio network. Then, the hub will send them to the user’s smartphone and the security company’s monitoring station. There is an option to use groups, 24/7 arming mode, and even involve third-party devices in scenarios. Now, the user will also be able to add Ajax security system detectors, which will work together with the wired ones. 

911: monitoring station by Ajax

For security companies and large corporate clients, Ajax presented a beta version of its own central monitoring station — 911. With it, any security company will be ready to monitor alarms in just a few minutes. There will be no need to worry about buying and configuring servers, organizing network infrastructure, dedicated IP. Connecting a computer to the internet and logging into the Ajax PRO account will be enough. Even a weak laptop will work — all processing takes place in a cloud.

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