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Denios: Lithium-Ion Battery Transport Box XL – GSA25 Finalist

The DENIOS lithium-ion battery transport box XL is the company's latest product development. It is designed to ensure the safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries and can also be used as a quarantine box for damaged and defective batteries.


These batteries are being used in more and more areas, increasing the risk of modules being classified as critical due to incorrect handling or technical defects. As the box can store and transport problematic batteries, users benefit from safe handling. There is no need to use additional filling materials, which increases safety in the event of a fire as it saves a considerable amount of time when packing the battery.

Lithium-ion batteries can pose a considerable risk and damaged batteries can quickly reach a critical state - there is a risk of fire! But even if the condition cannot be assessed from the outside, DENIOS transport boxes are used, which are also designed for the transportation of problematic batteries.

Such a "critical condition" is difficult to recognize from the outside: If it is already smoking and hissing, then the thermal reaction ("thermal runaway") is in full swing and flames are shooting out of the battery shortly afterwards. The battery cells infect each other due to the heat and intensify the effect - extinguishing the fire is extremely difficult in these cases. Many companies are therefore starting to classify lithium-ion batteries with an unknown condition as critical - the demand for these transport boxes is increasing.

This new product development focuses on handling and customer safety. The innovative feature of this product is that the transport box does not require any additional filling materials or loose fillings. It is sufficient to place the damaged batteries in the box and close it with the cover. This is another innovative new feature: The optimized design allows customers to carry out loading directly from the forklift without having to approach the battery any further. This ensures a defined safety distance from the critical battery. This allows the batteries to be placed in the box as quickly and conveniently as possible. No manual handling directly at the battery is required - this saves valuable time in an emergency and increases user safety many times over.

Denios lithium-ion battery transport box XL - innovations at a glance:

  • The transport box consists of safe thermal insulation and an integrated filter/gas management system with ventilation openings without filling material
  • The components are coordinated in such a way that even a "thermal runaway" of a battery does not endanger the immediate surroundings
  • Separate inner packaging is not required
  • The integrated ventilation openings allow pressure equalization between the inside of the box and the environment in the event of outgassing or burning of the stored goods
  • The transport box has a removable hood, which is fixed in place for transportation with quick-release fasteners and seals off the storage space
  • The hood can be moved using a forklift or crane
  • No person needs to approach the battery when packing a critically defective battery - only after the cover has been put on does a person close the quick-release fasteners
  • The lithium-ion battery transport box XL from DENIOS has a size of 3066 mm (length) x 2316 mm (width) x 1073 mm (height) - it has a capacity of 2300 liters

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