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Essentry: Access Management with Identity Verification – GSA25 Finalist

Essentry specializes in the digitalization of access processes. The core product is the verification of personal identities at border-control level and the automation of the access process. Using biometric technology and artificial intelligence, essentry is able to achieve the highest level of security.


essentry integrates seamlessly into existing systems and IT landscapes and increases. Because it originated in the demanding data center industry, essentry is characterized by the stringent security requirements prevailing there and adheres to strict regulations regarding data protection, data security and compliance.

Essentry is a technology that makes a significant contribution to a resilient society for the physical protection of critical infrastructures. The strength of essentry is identity verification at border control level and the automation of highly secure access processes.

Complete identity verification takes less than a minute and consists of three steps.  In the first step, the authenticity of an ID document is checked. Using UV light, infrared and white light, essentry checks both visible and invisible security features. Currently, essentry checks more than 6,000 international ID documents from 196 countries. The documents range from ID cards and driving licenses to passports and diplomatic passports.

In step two of the identity verification process, a 3D real-time portrait is taken. Here, essentry checks whether a real person is standing in front of the kiosk. In step three, artificial intelligence and biometric technology are used to compare a 3D real-time portrait with the image on the ID document. Depending on customer requirements, only guests whose similarity value is above a certain threshold, e.g. from 99% security, are then admitted.

After successful identity verification, the kiosk automatically issues an RFID card with individual access authorizations. The guest is thus able to enter the facility or site independently and access the areas authorized for them.

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