27.05.2024 • Product

Gore: Extraguard Upper Technology – GSA25 Finalist

Extraguard stands for a new upper technology for robust, waterproof, yet durably lightweight and comfortable Gore-Tex safety footwear.


When dry, the upper material is 40 % lighter than leather – and remains permanently light even in extremely wet conditions: It hardly absorbs any moisture from the outside. With Extraguard, Gore-Tex safety footwear do not need to be broken in; they are comfortably right from the start. For care and cleaning, spraying with water is sufficient, specific care products and regreasing are not necessary. The safety footwear will benefit workers who have to brave wet conditions – in construction and demolition, railroads, utilities or agriculture who are out and about in different terrain and in all weathers.

For the first time, the Gore-Tex Extraguard upper technology combines the advantages of robust leather and textile uppers – this is a technological revolution for safety footwear and a real breakthrough for more protection, comfort and minimal maintenance. the great response from manufacturers reflects the need in the market. The innovative technology also sets new standards in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness: Less chemicals and less water are used in the production of Extraguard upper technology compared to conventional uppers. CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. The material is very durable and requires hardly any maintenance. 

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