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i-PRO: X-series as AI On-site Learning Camera Series that Adds AI to Non-AI Cameras – GSA25 Finalist

i-PRO’s X-series is the first AI On-site learning camera line that can also add AI to non-AI cameras. With AI on-site learning, users can teach the camera about specific objects they want to monitor or count. With support for up to nine AI applications, it is the most powerful AI camera to date.


Another unique aspect of the X-series cameras is the ability to enhance traditional cameras with AI capabilities, including cameras from other manufacturers, making them smarter and more efficient. The X-series includes 16 camera models with 2, 5, and 6MP options plus 4K models. With a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) of up to 144dB and IR illumination to 70 meters, image performance is unparalleled in all conditions.

The X-series cameras utilize the Ambarella CV52 AI SoC to deliver cutting-edge AI capabilities. It is so powerful that a single X-series camera can simultaneously process three additional streams of video from non-AI cameras (even from different manufacturers) as well as its own stream. That’s four total video streams with AI metadata being extracted from each of them! This is particularly important for hard-to-access camera installations that might require costly shutdowns or interruptions to retrofit. Of course, it’s possible to send streams to an expensive back-end server or cloud-based system for AI-based analytics, but this can add significant expense, additional bandwidth requirements, and introduce unacceptable delays for real-time notifications. Processing AI on the edge is more efficient, even in hybrid cloud and on-prem environments.

With AI on-site learning, operators could teach the camera to track/count buses or public works vehicles to provide new metrics about operational efficiency and deployment for cities. A hospital could count ambulances arriving at the emergency room. The camera can even be taught to recognize a logo on a truck and send out an alert when it arrives.
Modern, data-hungry, organizations need data to make informed decisions and the i-PRO X-series AI camera line provides more descriptive attributes (98) about objects in its field of view than any camera on the market today. Its open platform approach and support for open container formats like Docker means that the system is future-proofed and able to easily add new features and functionality as they are developed (from i-PRO or 3rd parties) without significant re-investment.

Lastly, the X Series is NDAA and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant providing bullet-proof cybersecurity.

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