27.05.2024 • Product

Raytec: VARIO2 IP Hybrid - Hybrid illuminators – GSA25 Finalist

VARIO2 IP PoE delivers dedicated high-performance lighting for IP cameras. Hybrid technology delivers all the performance of a stand-alone Infra-Red and a stand-alone White-Light illuminator in a single unit, providing a fully integrated two-in-one solution.


Raytec’s VARIO2 IP PoE Hybrid range can be fully integrated into an IP eco-system to provide smart, situation dependent lighting. The range is made up of a number of sizes designed to cover medium and long-range distances.

VARIO2 IP PoE Hybrid delivers all the performance of a stand-alone Infra-Red and a stand-alone White-Light illuminator in a single, fully integrated two-in-one solution with the ability to be controlled from anywhere on the network. It allows easy set-up, commissioning, operation, and maintenance, minimising labour time and costs whilst maximising performance 24/7. An integrated web interface provides a host of user-defined additional settings and diagnostics tools to tailor your solution to meet the exact demands of your installation. 

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