28.05.2024 • Product

Schuberth + Twiceme: F300 firefighting helmet with Twiceme integration - GSA25 Finalist Shortlist Highlight

The F300 helmet from Schuberth is the first firefighting helmet in the world with Twiceme HTH technology. This technology empowers professionals through safety and can protect them both before and after an accident.


Before an accident, Twiceme helps by monitoring the equipment through inspections and self-checks. After an accident, Twiceme provides quick access to important information about the injured person, such as name, identification features, medical information, allergies to medication, pre-existing conditions, emergency numbers and more.

 Schuberth's helmets, which already offer the highest level of protection and quality, have now been enhanced with Twiceme's intelligent technology. The technology aims to prevent accidents and helps the emergency services to intervene more quickly in the event of an accident. Twiceme's technology is already used in the sports and construction industries, but Schuberth is the first PPE manufacturer in the world to use Twiceme's digital innovation to improve the protection of firefighters. This heralds a new dimension of protection in this segment.

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DEHNventil ACI M: Standard-compliant Surge Protection in Industry

High demands are placed on the availability of switchgear in, for example, industrial plants, data centres, hospitals and large administrative buildings. This makes surge protection essential. At the same time, replacement of the surge protection module should not influence system availability. The new DEHNventil ACI M TNS 264 FM has no backup fuse and is flexible in terms of its application. In the event of a fault, the protection module is safely disconnected and can be quickly removed from the base part from either side or the front. The touch-safe design allows the protection module to be replaced without system downtime. The ACI technology employed also enables connection cross-sections of just 16 mm2. This facilitates installation and saves time.