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Smart Platform to Aggregate Multiple System Controls

The term “lares” derives from the Latin according to which the Lares in ancient Rome represented the deities who protected the domus, the house, and therefore also the family. If you are a security professional, you probably already know of Lares 4.0, the IoT platform from Ksenia Security. This article explores some of the benefits of the system and some of its features.

A multifunctional control platform with a simple to use app
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The Lares 4.0 control panel has many advantages, offering installers the ability to create professional, easily programmable, and customizable systems according to customer requirements. Lares 4.0 is designed to adapt perfectly to any type of installation. It is equipped with an ethernet connection with a 4G back-up, and can be remotely configured by connecting to the Ksenia SecureWeb cloud.

It is an innovative and reliable control panel to manage security, video verification, smart home and access control functions from a single platform. It is available in five versions, in six hybrid, wired and wireless variants as well as an all-in-one version with lares 4.0 wls 96.

The system is extremely versatile and suitable for different applications in residential, commercial and industrial contexts, including sensitive environments, such as banks, museums and government institutions that require maximum security. It is also scalable over time, allowing easy adaptation of the system to meet customers’ changing needs.

Talk to Everyone

The programming does not require any specific software; Lares 4.0 can be configured remotely through the intuitive Ksenia SecureWeb cloud platform or via a smartphone, thanks to the Ksenia Pro app, which enables all the installations to be centralized and geolocated, providing maximum convenience for the end customer.

Another distinctive feature is the ability to integrate with major brands in the automation, surveillance and access sectors, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Creston, Control4, Milestone, Avigilon and Dormakaba. In addition, it can integrate with third-party IP devices thanks to the ‘porta IoT’ – the http gateway of Ksenia Security that allows direct communication between the devices and the control panel, without necessarily using an SDK, thanks to the use of http strings.

Lares 4.0 has been designed to make the installers’ work easier by offering a series of features that have revolutionized the way systems are configured. Each Lares 4.0 control panel is equipped with the same number of inputs and outputs to manage lights, climate, irrigation, roller shutters and any other type of automation. As a flexible and scalable system, the number of inputs and outputs can be expanded up to a maximum of 644 for large environments, such as large industries and warehouses.

Zoned In

Ksenia Security has implemented IP zone functionality within Lares 4.0. By configuring IP zones with a compatible IP camera, it is possible to use a single device to detect the movement of an intruder, activate the alarm and access the associated screenshots from the Lares 4.0 user app. This implementation is not limited to the association of cameras but allows the integration of any device capable of sending an http request to the system.

All the panels have a KS-BUS interface to connect Ksenia peripherals that expand the capabilities and functionalities of the control panel. Lares 4.0 has a 4GB eMMC memory to save programming data, event logs, updated device firmware, IP camera and screenshots. In addition, the installers have three ways to save their programs: either in the internal memory of the control panel, locally on their PC, or via the cloud thanks to the free automatic backup service, activated directly from the SecureWeb programming platform.

Lares 4.0 monitors both the external supply voltage and the battery voltage, reporting any faults. In case of prolonged power failures, it has a battery disconnection function to prevent deep discharge.

It has an integrated ethernet port that allows local connection to the web server to perform programming, maintenance and diagnostics, software updates of the control panel and its peripherals. In addition, it can send emails, synchronize the clock via the NTP protocol, and send the events via the SIA DC009 protocol without using any additional hardware or licenses. The control panel periodically checks for updated firmware on SecureWeb and, if it finds available updates, automatically downloads them into memory, visible to the user.

Voice from Above

All descriptions and events can be converted into automatically-generated audio files thanks to the Loquendo license. For example, it is possible to program the reproduction of a voice message on the vox-M outdoor siren in case of an alarm or attempted sabotage, and acting as an acoustic deterrent. Programmable logics link the system’s events while AND/OR conditions only perform actions in specific situations, allowing even the most unusual or complex customer requirements to be satisfied.

Lares 4.0 can manage over a thousand access control users. A PIN can be assigned to Ksenia keypads or RFID tags by the administrator through the Lares 4.0 app, who can interact with a system having up to 64 interfaces to manage each gate. Each user can be assigned to one of the seven different access levels.

In conclusion, Lares 4.0 is a control panel designed for the installer, with its many advantages and outstanding features.

The ability to expand the system over the years, its innate versatility, and the ability to integrate with other systems allow the creation of a professional system that fully meets the needs of the user. A true and reliable ally for installers and end users, Lares 4.0 increases the level of safety and comfort in a wide range of applications, whether in residential, commercial, industrial or even critical environments.

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