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21.08.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Fire Protection for Solar Power Farm

A Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection is a reliable tool for detecting fires on a photovoltaic installation. The rapid growth of solar energy worldwide has led to an increased need for reliable monitoring and fire detection in photovoltaic (PV) installations. PV systems, under high electrical loads, can generate substantial heat due to factors such as aging components, insufficient connection points, or environmental influences. Elevated temperatures can lead to electrical fires, resulting in severe damage to the PV facility and its surroundings, interruptions in power supply, and potential safety hazards.

27.07.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Early Warning Fire Protection with Heat Sensors for Conveyor Applications

Many goods carried on conveyor systems are highly combustible with the power to ignite. Black and brown coal, biomass, industrial confetti, sulphur and recycling products are all examples of goods that can pose a fire risk during transportation. If they do ignite and the conveyor has no fire protection measures in place, then the fire can quickly spread to holding hoppers, blending, crushing or other processing areas of the plant to become a potentially major incident with catastrophic fire damage and substantial consequential losses. Transit sensors for heat detection are a good option in detecting fires in areas with sudden peaks of temperature can lead to explosions and deflagration.

Artificial Intelligence

Pierre Racz: "Real Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist"
part one of a three-part interview series

Pierre Racz: "Real Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist"

In part one Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, is addressing why IP network video systems were the game changer in the industry and why he does not like the term AI.