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Monitors from Eizo Combined with Cameras from Axis

When a project contains video security, it requires a lot more than just the installation of individual components.

The intelligent interaction of devices must work precisely. Eizo, amongst others a supplier of IP decoder monitors and IP decoder loudspeakers for connection to IP cameras and systems without the need for a computer, and the video security specialist Axis are cooperating to each conceive the best possible solutions. GIT SECURITY asked Jochen Sauer, Architect and Engineering Manager at Axis Communications, and Oliver Nachtigal, Business Development Manager of Eizo, how that works, what must be considered in the process, and what advantages the customer is going to have.

GIT SECURITY: Mr. Nachtigal, Eizo and Axis are working together – how exactly?

Oliver Nachtigal:
We have already been working together at many different levels for many years. Technologically on the one hand: Axis cameras and Eizo monitors communicate with each other and provide sophisticated solutions as a result. In projects on the other hand: we support each other to ultimately be able to provide the customer with real added value in their video security solution.

What do Eizo customers obtain from this?

Oliver Nachtigal: The close cooperation certainly provides the customer with a high-end solution. We ensure quality, sustainability and also that planners, system installers, and operators are always satisfied on commisssioning day.

Mr. Sauer, what does the partnership mean for customers of Axis?

Jochen Sauer:
As soon as you look into the purposing of a system, as soon as you know exactly what the customer wants, working in partnership becomes extremely important to be able to integrate all the various aspects of the project.

Tell us about some typical use cases, please.

Jochen Sauer
: Well, for example, if a solution is required that is conformant with the GDPR, that makes no recordings but simply displays the cameras' images live, then it is important from the start to exclude the use of any computers. This is where the Eizo monitors come into play. And the better the security cameras are integrated into the intelligent monitors, the better the result and the versatility of the system for the customer. No matter whether it is just one security camera that delivers live images to an intelligent monitor – or 32 cameras. No matter whether with fixed cameras or with moveable speed domes. We can also provide interaction with other components, such as a door station, for example. The ‘Use Case’ always defines the application – and then you need a good partnership to ensure that all devices work logically together when it is finished. In one particular project, the customer has consumer-level monitors in use for security in a chain of shops, which used to fail every few months. Replacement often took up to fourteen days – unacceptable for the customer. Today he has a solution in place using high-quality Eizo monitors together with Axis cameras and a video management system (VMS) from Milestone, as well as an audio system because a PA function was also required together with people-counting. This was a total package that now works excellently – and the customer is absolutely happy. Eizo worked together with Milestone to find a solution so that the monitors could be supplied from the video management system, just as the customer required.

Oliver Nachtigal: We developed an Eizo video wall plugin for this, which provides an interface so that the screen layout on the monitors can be adapted directly from the client GUI, that is, from the Milestone VMS, and present alarms on the monitors. In this particular case, the customer wanted a specific screen layout of the incoming camera images that he required because of operational procedures. The user-friendly web UI from Eizo allows easy adaptation of the video streams presentation with seven standard options and is able to display up to 32 video images per monitor. The video streams can be placed in various positions on the screen using up to seven user-defined layouts.

Communication between the various systems is becoming ever more important. The whole package must be right, and therefore it often has to be customized. Every individual product can be super, but the whole solution must work well at the end of the day. And that is the case because the cooperation between Axis and Eizo also works very well.

Which new markets or industries could be opened up through the cooperation between Eizo and Axis?

Oliver Nachtigal: The case we just mentioned was a project in the retail sector, a renowned luxury goods company with more than 300 branches. But, in general, each individual solution that we develop together with our partners to the highest quality standards are applicable where reliability is of prime concern.

Jochen Sauer: There have been quite a few projects where the customer wants to be sure that no server is connected that could record the images. You frequently find the combination of camera, network, server, monitor. But then there are applications, such as one for the nurses room in a hospital: the nurses want to see what is going on in the maternity ward. But … the customer’s requirement, in this case the city administration, was that there should be no recordings. The Eizo-Axis solution was the answer. Check: the security cameras just send images reliably to the monitors. Job done.

The Eizo IP decoder monitors do not need a computer in between – cameras can be connected directly. What other developments do you have going on?

Oliver Nachtigal:
We are continuing to develop our systems further. One example is our VMS failover function: the Eizo decoder solution automatically takes over the job of displaying the images in the desired layout if required, directly from the IP camera streams. This provides a backup solution if, for whatever reason, the video management system should stop providing streams to the monitors. This is particularly interesting for cases where the connection to the VMS, for example in an area of sparse infrastructure, is liable to fail, or where there is particular danger and switching off the VMS would be beneficial for criminal activity. There is also our Alert-to-Action function which puts everything quickly into view. This function helps to quickly show the security personnel the relevant images from high-volume areas or of critical infrastructure. With regard to resources, the speed of reaction is improved and simultaneously the security, for example, of hospitals or public transport is maintained.

Which markets offer the best potential for the Eizo/Axis combination?

Oliver Nachtigal:
We do have individually adapted configurations for every industry, as I said, whether it is for image transmission in hospitals, maybe from the operating rooms, whether it is for critical infrastructure, such as water treatment plants …

Jochen Sauer: … or to secure manufacturing equipment, financial institutes, logistics warehouses and many others.

In summary: what are the main advantages of the partnership between Axis and Eizo for your customers?

Jochen Sauer:
The Axis and Eizo partnership is a reliable one: we have the same company strategies and want to provide our customers with long-term solutions to their operational challenges.

Oliver Nachtigal: A significant plus-point and important for every customer is the ‘TCO’, the system’s  Total Cost of Ownership. The customer can be confident that they will receive a stable and low-maintenance system that lasts a long time. We are talking here about the reliability of updates or patches – and also that functionality can continue to be enhanced. Wherever high-quality and sustainable installations are needed, the customer makes the right choice with Eizo and Axis solutions


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