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Solar-Powered Solutions for Reliable Off-Grid Security Protection

Isolated areas and temporary, standalone applications often do not have electricity and internet connectivity.

To help keep these places safe in a simple, practical, and cost-effective way, Hikvision is offering a portfolio of solar solutions – the 4G solar-powered camera kit, a wireless bridge, and mobile solar security tower solutions.

The 4G Solar-Powered Camera Kit Solution for Rural Areas
This system consists of a solar panel, a mounting bracket, a battery module, and the camera itself, currently available in two storage options, 256 GB and 1 TB. It is ideal for anywhere 4G service is available but where cable internet is lacking, such as farmlands, fish ponds, highways, city waterways, and others.

The Wireless Bridge Solution for Isolated Environments
This is ideally suited for use in remote locations where the 4G signal is weak, and data transmission prices are excessive, such as natural reserves and mountainous areas. The combination of a solar-powered camera kit with a wireless bridge can provide just the right kind of wireless internet connection in these geographically challenging environments.

Mobile Solar Security Tower Solution for Temporary Sites
Comprised of a mobile tower, wireless bridges, network cameras, an NVR, and a network speaker (optional), the mobile solar security tower can be mounted on a trailer for added mobility. It is ideal for temporary security scenarios, where mobile trailers can be towed into place quickly without the need for a separate power source, for example outdoor parking lots, incident command facilities, construction sites, and oil & gas plants.

These Solar-Powered Products and Solutions Feature Advantages Such As:

  • Quick and hassle-free installation – Designed to be easy to install, Hikvision‘s solar-powered camera kits don’t require technical knowledge or professional help to set up. With its own power source and internet connection, cameras can be deployed anywhere without having to route cables, making the deployment process fast, easy, and cost-effective.
  • Flexibility in deployment scenarios – The Solar Power Kit can power a variety of products to satisfy all kinds of scenarios. Installed at parking lots, solar-powered ANPR cameras can recognize license plate characters and cross-reference the information with access “rules” at the back end. For wide open outdoor areas, solar-powered PT cameras can capture the entire field of view, while in scenarios where close-ups are regularly needed for post-event investigation, solar-powered PTZ cameras can be used to maintain situational awareness and zoom in to see specific and essential details.
  • 24/7 security protection, in any weather – Isolated areas are often without light at night. Empowered by Hikvision ColorVu technology, the solar-powered cameras offer clear video in these extremely dark environments, with color imaging at up to 8 MP resolution. And with waterproof and dust resistant housings, these cameras can withstand adverse weather conditions, such as extremely low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rains.
  • A cost-saving and eco-friendly solution – Requiring only a single solar panel, the self-contained setup operates for up to 7 days on a single battery charge, which delivers significant cost savings for customers. In addition, powered by clean and renewable energy, the solar cameras not only help to reduce operational costs, they also reduce the carbon footprint, making a positive impact on sustainability.


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