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What Safety Shoe for a Healthy Foot?

Fascia stimulation for safety shoes for outdoor use. Haix Presents the New Connexis Safety+.

On May 5, Haix, the shoe specialist from Germany, invited dealers and representatives of the trade press to the launch event for the new Connexis Safety+. In good Haix style, moderator Roman Roell and co-moderator Sandra Hunke, supported by human biologist and fascia specialist Dr. Robert Schleip, led through the program. A highlight was the ceremonial unveiling of the newest member of the Connexis collection. With the Connexis Safety+ there is now a safety shoe for outdoor use with active fascia stimulation and at the same time a plus in more safety, more wearing comfort, and more performance.

What should a shoe that respects the foot look like?

To find an answer to this answer to this question, Haix has been relying for years on its own development and cooperation with experts in orthopedics and research. Already in 2019, the shoe specialist from Bavaria brought Connexis Safety onto the market. According to the company, the world’s first safety shoe with active fascia stimulation. Specially developed for indoor use and equipped with the Connexis technology, it not only ensures safe, but also fitter feet. The shoe reduces pain in the foot and improves general well-being, as confirmed not least by a recent study by the Technical University of Munich.

The new Connexis Safety+ was developed for the most demanding tasks, e.g. for use on construction sites, in road construction and in many trades such as woodwork, bricklaying or tiling. To protect against the visible dangers in these professions, Connexis Safety+ offers all-round safety. This is ensured by a lightweight nano-carbon toecap, an anti-perforation protection and a robust non-slip sole that ensures a firm grip even in wet conditions. A pronounced heel provides secure grip on ladders and makes it easier to operate spades and other tools. The outside of the shoe is made from high-quality textiles and hard-wearing leather to ensure longevity. Weatherproof properties are particularly important for use in the outdoor trades. That is why Connexis Safety+ has a Gore-Tex membrane, which makes the shoes permanently waterproof and breathable at the same time.

The fasciae tend to become matted because they are not sufficiently moved and exercised

Not only trip hazards and heavy objects, but also unfavourable working postures are a danger. To protect against these hazards as well, Connexis Safety+ offers not only a plus in safety, but also in comfort and performance. Every day, for example, hundreds of thousands of employees spend their working day standing. Especially in the outdoor trades, permanent standing demands maximum performance from the body. The result: tired feet, heavy legs, and back pain. The human biologist and fascia researcher Dr. Robert Schleip has identified the culprits: often it is the fascia, a fibrous network of connective tissue that envelops muscles, organs and bones and holds the body together. “Imagine it like a sausage casing: without the fasciae, our muscles would hardly have any tension. Fasciae also play a big part in our movements by storing and discharging kinetic energy,” explains Dr Schleip.

However, the fascia tissue can become matted, e.g. caused by a lack of movement or unfavourable movements. “This can also happen if we lock up our feet in the wrong footwear. Conventional shoes stiffen the foot like a plaster cast. As a result, the fasciae tend to become matted because they are not sufficiently moved and exercised. This in turn can lead to pain,” says Dr Schleip.

To prevent the feet from being locked up, Connexis Safety+ is designed to respect and stimulate the feet. A tape runs through the shoe, wrapping around the tarsus and exerting pressure on the fasciae in the sole of the foot. In this way, the fascia tissue is lightly stimulated throughout the entire wearing period. This activates the muscles, stimulates blood flow, and reduces negative effects on the musculoskeletal system – for fit feet and more performance. In addition, Connexis Safety+ is adapted to the natural shape of the foot. Its special construction gives the feet more space instead of confining them as if in a cast. This ensures a more stable stance and prevents malposition.

Made in Europe regardless of where the individual parts were originally manufactured?

Like all Haix products, Connexis Safety+ is manufactured in Europe. This is not a matter of course, because European regulations are sometimes lax: if, for example, the upper and sole of a shoe are combined in the EU, it is allowed to carry the “Made in Europe” label – regardless of where the individual parts were originally manufactured.

Not with Haix! If a Haix shoe says “Made in Europe”, the company guarantees that it was manufactured entirely in Europe – in modern production facilities in Germany, Croatia, and Serbia. There, the company can closely control working conditions and product quality to enforce the highest standards. Because for Haix, “Made in Europe” does not only stand for the plus in quality. It is also a commitment to fair working conditions, to more sustainability and to the European values.

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