No Face Mask Detection

No Face Mask Detection

While healthcare professionals and scientists are learning more every day, we know that the proper use of face masks has proven to be an effective measure in keeping infection rates from rising again, especially as cities and countries come out of lockdown. It is critical that businesses ensure that all staff and patrons are abiding by face mask protection protocols, where applicable.

To help prevent community transmission, Motorola Solutions’ No Face Mask Detection technology provides effective monitoring and enables proactive, real-time responses from your team, to ensure that health and safety regulations are met.

This advanced video-based detection technology leverages AI-enabled analytics to accurately detect objects in the camera’s field of view, classify them as humans and determine whether  the subject is not wearing a face mask. When the analytics detects an individual is in violation, this prompts an automated alert through Avigilon Control Center video management software for quick, corrective action. Additionally, even data can be generated through cloud-based reports to understand the level of adherence by staff and patrons in your facility.

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