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Altronix Unveils Power and Data Protection at ISC West

Altronix has unveiled the latest critical infrastructure protection in power and data transmission for the professional security industry at ISC West.

The portfolio of Altronix power and data transmission solutions on show at ISC...
The portfolio of Altronix power and data transmission solutions on show at ISC West © Altronix

Altronix, a leader in power and data transmission for the professional security industry, is showcasing the latest in access control and power integration, data transmission, emergency communication power back-up, extended range ethernet, network power management.

Their new products enhance Altronix’s portfolio of power and data solutions for professional security, access control, surveillance and fire signalling applications that provide versatility and cost-efficiency over all types of infrastructure.

“Our product portfolio continues to evolve, providing feature-rich solutions that are scalable, versatile, cost effective and highly reliable to accommodate the latest devices to best protect critical infrastructure,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation.

Power for DC Systems

Altronix’s new COMMBATT1 Battery Back-up Unit combined with the ANC1BBU Annunciator provides the required critical power back-up for emergency responder communication systems. These UL 2524 listed units play a crucial role in supporting ARCS and ERCES system components, ensuring that first responders always remain in contact during emergency situations.

COMBATT1 provides power for either 12V DC or 24V DC systems while monitoring a wide range of internal supervisory conditions. The unit’s housing accommodates up to two 55AH batteries with the capacity to add additional back-up externally up to 110AH.

The ANC1BBU Annunciator monitors both the system Bi-Directional Amplifier and COMMBATT1 status, providing local and/or remote trouble reporting, and communicates with the fire alarm control panel. Multiple ANC1BBU Annunciators can be connected to a single COMBATT1 Battery Back-up Unit.

Newly-enhanced LINQ Network Power Management technology enables advanced remote capabilities to control devices, monitor and report system power diagnostics from a single-pane platform, significantly increasing system reliability and ROI, enhancing virtually any security installation. LINQ technology is embedded in many Altronix products, including modules for upgrading existing systems.

Versatile Wire Management

NetWay5P Series Hardened PoE+ Switches utilise low voltage 24V DC to support up to four PoE IP access control or surveillance devices. This compact solution is ideal with the Altronix Trove Access and Power Integration platform, and is available in a wide range of models to support indoor and outdoor installations. Models are available with embedded LINQ Network Power Management technology.

Altronix continues to expand its Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions to include more brands from the leading access solution providers. Pre-wired kits with finger duct and versatile wire management options are designed to accommodate virtually any application.

Altronix also offers larger system capacity utilising their backplane bracket system to accommodate more doors in the same footprint. Trove is available in wall and rackmount configurations as well as outdoor models, along with a wide range of accessories including complementary matching Trove wire trough and battery enclosures with specific knockouts that align with Trove enclosers to greatly reduce installation time.

Unauthorised Activity or Loitering

Also new from Altronix, Pace Series Long Range Single Pair Media Adapters enable communication between T1L 802.3cg compliant devices such as temperature sensors and industrial controllers within the network at distances up to 1km. Pace upgrades existing 2-wire deployed infrastructure control schemes, such as LON protocol to Ethernet networked devices adhering to the new Single Pair Ethernet T1L standard.

Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series is now available with even more power to support the latest high-power cameras, illuminators, wireless access points and other devices. New models leverage Altronix’s new PoE360 Power Supply/Charger, which operates at 115V DC or 230V AC providing 56V DC at 360W.

Altronix TempoA2 and TempoA4 Occupancy Alert Systems provide notifications when unauthorised activity or loitering occurs in secure areas.

This stand-alone solution is ideal to monitor activity in public facing facilities such as single-use restrooms in convenience stores, retail establishments, restaurants, schools and universities, sports and recreation venues, hotels and more. 

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