Comelit Protects Newly Reopened Church

To secure the new St Catherine’s Church building in Coventry, Comelit fire...
To secure the new St Catherine’s Church building in Coventry, Comelit fire protection systems were installed.

Comelit’s fire detection systems have been installed at the newly reopened St Catherine’s Church in Coventry, to ensure the safety of all who work and visit the site to enjoy its range of facilities. The popular church, which was initially built to serve the local community prior to the outbreak of the second world war, was forced to close in January 2011 as the maintenance of the building was no longer sustainable.

The new building, opened by the Bishop of Coventry at the end of 2019, has a multi-purpose hall with the church meeting room, kitchen, facilities and a vestry for quiet prayer, together with an office. The building is accredited fire safe with the installation by Avalon Technology Group of Comelit’s Atena Easy Single Loop System.

 “The church has been at the centre of the community for 80 years and has been integral to regeneration and social action in the area.  It has been on a long journey in the last eight years and we are delighted to finally be able to enjoy the new facilities with our ever growing community", said Reverend Buff Forbes Stone of St Catherine’s. "We are so grateful for all the support which has enabled us to have this splendid new building, that will serve our community now and for generations to come.  At the same time, we acknowledge those that have worked closely with us to ensure its safety, in terms of fire and security, to ensure our diverse community can enjoy all our Church has to offer with complete peace of mind.”

Comelit’s Atena Easy single loop solution is a compact, entry level fully addressable control panel system. Finished in line with Comelit’s focus on aesthetics, it’s stylish design can accommodate up to 500 devices making it ideal for small applications, with a fully functional networked opportunity to expand with a facility or building requirement.

Guy Stephens, Director at Avalon Technology Group, added: “St Catherine’s Church has an integral part to play in the local community and therefore ensuring the fire safety of the building, without affecting the accessibility to all of its new facilities is of upmost importance.  Comelit’s Atena Easy single loop system was simple to install and comes with great sales and technical support, to ensure the seamless, ongoing maintenance of the system.”

“Fire alarms for churches are essential considerations for every part of the vicinity building. At St Catherine’s, it was important to ensure a modern solution was installed to complement the new facilities and enable a fast and reliable response for the safety of staff and volunteers, together with the wider congregation and of course, act to protect the property itself!", said Mandy Bowden, Comelit Fire BDM. "Working with Avalon, the Comelit system presented an effective all-round solution, installed with absolutely no impact on the surrounding building.”

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