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Functional Safety components from Zander Aachen available from stock

In machines and plants, there are often various safety requirements and tasks to be taken into account.

With the safety relays of the SR series, Zander offers a cost-optimized series that protects man and machine. From two to seven safe relay contacts and up to six auxiliary contacts, Zander offers a wide range of safety relays

Depending on the combination, several emergency stop buttons, protective door switches (e.g. from the ZCode series) and protective grids can be monitored.

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Minos – ultra-compact safety relay
Zander also offers the ultra-compact Minos safety relay with a width of only 6 mm, which saves important space in the control cabinet. In addition to classic relay technology, Zander also offers safety relays with wear-free semiconductor outputs.

The wear-free, safe semiconductor outputs enable the implementation of the highest safety level regardless of the switching cycles, which is particularly advantageous when the switching cycles are high. Despite their minimal width, all modules of the Minos series have I / O status LED’s including an error LED. This provides a high level of diagnostic options, which makes installation and maintenance easier.

The product group is type-tested up to Cat. 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 62061 / EN 61508 and also meets the requirements for combustion systems, process furnaces according to EN 50156-1 and EN 746-2 as well as IEC 61511 of the Process industry.

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SCB – safety timer
Some machine parts have to be shut down immediately in the event of danger, some with a time delay, e.g. if a braking process or the return of a tool to the safe rest position is necessary.

This is where the safety timer SCB comes into play. Depending on the configuration, the safe outputs of the SCB switch independently of one another with an on-delay, off-delay or instantaneous. A simple and precise time parameterization is made possible by a push/rotary switch and the integrated display. The redundant outputs also enable safe shutdown of combustion systems in continuous operation in accordance with EN 50156-1 and EN 746-2.

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Talos – safety controller
If several inputs and outputs as well as several logics are required, the Talos is the right choice.

With Talos, the device is individually tailored to the respective application through the simple selection and parameterization of predefined configurations. Here Talos has standard configurations that cover the most common applications. If one of the standard configurations is not suitable for an application, the control can be easily and quickly expanded by up to 10 special configurations individually tailored to the respective application using a memory card.

The Talos is also ideally suited for protecting machine tools / automatic machines. Larger applications such as switching off combustion systems can also be implemented using the Talos safety controller. In the case of individual customer applications, the requirements for the safety functions are identified and defined together with the partner. These form the basis for the creation of a logic manual by Zander Aachen, in which the 14 safe inputs are variably linked - with or without time functions - with the 3 safe outputs.

The individual safety configuration can then be played quickly and easily on any number of controls using the memory card.

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Talos Modbus – safety controller
Every Talos variant is now also available in the Modbus RTU version.The Modbus version enables the controller to transmit diagnostic information via the fieldbus. The device does not have to be configured for this and can be connected directly to the fieldbus.

The connection to the fieldbus enables machine monitoring of the control and its switching states, for example for documentation, as well as centralized diagnosis of all your devices. The existing functionalities of the Talos are retained: A diagnosis via the built-in display is also possible without restriction with the Modbus variant.

Many safety relays, safety timer and compact safety controller are available at short notice.

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