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GIT SECURITY AWARD 2021: Voting is open!

GIT SECURITY AWARD 2021: Voting is open!

GIT SECURITY team is proud to report that participants and jury could not be hindered by major things like pandemics and such to be part of GIT SECURITY AWARD 2021. For the first time, the jury meeting took place digitally. While the jury was very dedicated in choosing the right products, it now is your turn, dear reader, to select your favorite product and vote.

Please bear in mind: In order to guarantee fair competition, the name and address of your company is a mandatory input - and you are not allowed to vote for your own company, in case your company is nominated as one of the finalists.

Voting is open from June 1st on until August 23rd on www.security-award.com, you have one vote per category and you can win an SLR camera.

Have fun and good luck with the prize draw!

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