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New App Enables Smart PPE Selection

DuPont has launched the new app version of DuPont SafeSPEC, its online Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) selector tool with customized protective clothing recommendations for safety managers and end-users generated on the move.

The DuPont SafeSPEC app app helps safety managers identify appropriate PPE in just a few taps
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The app will help to enable busy safety managers and end-users to identify protective clothing for their application in just a few taps. DuPont SafeSPEC is an online selector tool that uses custom hazard parameters to identify PPE with the appropriate level of protection, whether the environment is a cleanroom or a petrochemical plant.

Using SafeSPEC simplifies the selection process and makes it easier to identify workplace safety solutions, particularly when out on a job site. 

“The SafeSPEC app offers an intuitive and convenient way for safety professionals to sift through vast amounts of data and help to quickly arrive at an appropriate protective garment solution,” says Dave Kee, Global Business Director, DuPont Personal Protection.

“It puts the power to protect literally in the palm of your hand. This is a prime example of DuPont’s commitment to innovation through collaboration as part of the Tyvek Forward Together vision, with the aim of enhancing worker safety and wellbeing.”

SafeSPEC contains thousands of potential chemical threats and the appropriate PPE from DuPont's range
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PPE Solutions on the Move

SafeSPEC enables users to access a comprehensive database containing thousands of potential chemical threats and all the current PPE options available in the Tyvek, Tychem and ProShield ranges of DuPont protective garments, including coveralls, aprons, shoe covers, and other accessories.

Users simply enter basic hazard scenario information, and the app offers customized protective clothing recommendations.

A search can be initiated by entering the type of hazard or by following the on-screen guide to identify the most appropriate PPE options. Autofill fields allow users to effortlessly navigate through complex chemical names, making the process quick and efficient.

Once users have entered their hazardous environment details, their search can be saved for future reference. SafeSPEC also offers ‘once only’ data entry and can enable safety managers and other responsible persons to test different scenarios, ensuring that protection requirements have been considered for any eventuality. Once the scenario is created, users can easily share the recommended products for that scenario as a pdf.

The DuPont SafeSPEC app allows ready access to content, such as the latest product information, technical datasheets, and a regularly updated permeation database. This means all relevant product data is available to hand, with already downloaded information available offline.

The app is available in nine languages, as well as multiple localized formats, for download on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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