31.07.2023 • Product

AI-based Detection and Classification to Entry Level Cameras


AI cameras bring the benefits of deep learning AI to a multitude of applications including retail, small commercial premises, residential and hotels. What’s more, a number of models within this new Q series AI camera range come with 4K resolution, enabling a wider field of view with exceptional image quality.

As well as reducing false alarms, the Q series AI cameras also include intelligent video analytics for area and line crossing, to detect people and vehicles loitering, exiting, and entering a pre-defined space. WiseMD (Wise Motion Detection) technology allows motion detection events to be shared with operators with greater accuracy thanks to the deep learning technology working to reduce false alarms.

A range of event actions gives operators notifications on other devices when an event is triggered by the camera, so they don’t miss an important alert. These notifications include email, audio clips (played when integrated with a tannoy system), FTP, HTTP, and external alarms.

The cameras come with a range of resolutions from 2MP, 5MP and exceptional 4K resolution plus improved Wide Dynamic Range features and WiseNRII, which uses AI to intelligently identify movement and reduces blur in noisy, low light environments.  They also benefit from lens distortion correction technology which produces natural-looking images without the distortion often created by conventional camera designs equipped with wide-angle lenses.

Next-level cybersecurity gives peace of mind that data captured by the Q series AI cameras is protected by user and network authentication, secure communication, access control based on IP addresses, and deep encryption.

The Q series AI cameras can withstand harsh environmental conditions with a hard-coated dome bubble that provides better resistance to scratches which can degrade resolution. The cameras additionally have humidity control with a built-in air vent that prevents condensation.

For installers, camera installation is made easier with a new style of mount plate, and software installation is intuitive utilising a Wi-Fi dongle.

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