27.05.2024 • Product

BSS: HELIH Security and Automation Radio Window Handle – GSA25 Finalist

The HELIH is an innovative handle for windows and french doors. The integration of numerous sensors enables comprehensive window and handle status monitoring. An electromechanical handle lock with bolt feedback is also implemented.


Window glass monitoring is possible via the optional connection of a glass breakage detector. No additional battery is required for this; the evaluation is carried out via the HELIH. Furthermore, various switching functions allow the implementation of many scenarios in the areas of security, energy, comfort and damage prevention. An RGB LED and a capacitive touch field enable modern and intuitive use.

The following features have been integrated:

  • Comprehensive window status monitoring (3D sensor)
  • Comprehensive handle status monitoring (gravity sensor)
  • Electromechanical handle locking with feedback (Hall sensor)
  • Preventive, early burglary detection (force on the handle, bending, detected by position sensor)
  • Tamper protection (monitoring of magnetic fields)
  • Glass breakage detector interface
  • Cold and heat warning (temperature sensor)
  • Automation and smart home functions
  • Intuitive and innovative operation
  • IP67 protection class

Business Partner

BSS Baumann Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Straße 1A
78234 Engen

Business Partner contact

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