20.06.2024 • ProductSafety

Functional Safety Certified Servomotor Brakes

Nexen has introduced servomotor brakes with bidirectional braking capabilities that are Industry 4.0 compatible. The full line of NexSafe servomotor brakes is Functional Safety Certified to comply with international safety standard ISO 13849-1.

NexSafe servomotor brakes can include up to three sensors to monitor...
NexSafe servomotor brakes can include up to three sensors to monitor disengagement, engagement, and wear
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Nexen Group Inc provides servomotor brakes with Functional Safety Certification to international safety standard ISO 13849-1. Category Level up to 4 and Performance Level up to e can be achieved using NexSafe products in a recommended configuration. 

NexSafe servomotor brakes have multiple engagement springs and an integrated clamp collar with backup keyways. Up to three operating mode sensors for feedback ensure confident, safe emergency stopping, holding and positioning. The sensors provide feedback and information to maximize machine efficiency and aid with motor and drive programming, predictive maintenance and operational feedback. 

Servomotor brakes are part of Nexen's line of Functional Safety Certified products, including rail brakes and rod locks. Nexen engineers and manufactures advanced motion control components for a wide variety of industrial applications. Headquartered in the USA and with its European office in Belgium, Nexen supplies products to customers through a global network of local distributors and representatives.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Functional Safety Certified to CAT4/PLe
  • Integral clamp collar with backup keyway
  • Three operating mode sensors available
  • Multiple engagement springs
  • Default to lock

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