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HVI Light Plus for Lightning Protection Applications

The new high-voltage-resistant insulated HVI light plus Conductor has been tested with regard to its lightning current carrying capability and impulse withstand voltage both as a single conductor and as a system in accordance with IEC/TS 62561-8 and offers simplified design options. With HVI check, its function and condition can also be easily checked. The insulation measurement is conducted with 1 kV or 15 kV. This allows both mechanical and electrical damage (e.g. holes or ruptures as a result of overloads) to HVI Conductors to be found quickly.

The coaxially constructed HVI light plus Conductor consists of a solid inner conductor with a thick-walled, high-voltage-resistant insulation and asemi-conductive outer sheath. This design allows the HVI light plus to maintain an equivalent separation distance in air of 60 cm to earthed metal building installations without creepage discharge. This prevents uncontrolled flashover and channels lightning current directly to the earthing system. The lightning current carrying capability of the HVI light plus is 150 kA and it can be used in lightning protection classes II, III and IV at kc = 1. Equipotential bonding is established without the need for an additional equipotential bonding connection. This results in easier planning and installation options and, subsequently, significant time savings.

The grey outer sheath protects against electric shock. In line with test standard IEC 60060-1, this ensures that in the event of lightning discharge no-one is subjected to dangerous voltages. For public facilities such as schools, kindergartens, shopping centres or museums, this is often an additional requirement that can be implemented with the HVI light plus.

The HVI light plus also has Ex approval and can be used in hazardous areas of Ex zones 1 (gases, vapours, mists) and 21 (dusts). The HVI light plus is halogen-free and has fire class Eca. All tools already in use for the existing HVI range are suitable for use with the HVI light plus. The HVI and HVI light conductor holders are also compatible with HVI light plus.

In order to detect possible mechanical or electrical damage to high-voltage-resistant, insulated down conductors, an insulation test is carried out on the HVI lightning protection system by a qualified electrician or lightning protection specialist. The test is carried out on intact systems in a non-destructive manner and without additional installation work.

With the help of HVI check, the function and condition of the HVI light plus can be easily checked. A method can be selected depending on the lightning protection system and the individual requirements: 1 kV for detecting various damage/impairments, such as screwed-in screws, and 15 kV for quickly determining possible damage due to an electrical breakdown after an overload or holes. HVI check includes the two measuring methods (1 kV and 15 kV), testable, insulated connection elements as well as insulating caps, tools and clamps. Test instructions with a suitable checklist are available. The test can be carried out with a commercially available insulation measuring device. A measuring device recommendation is given in the test instructions.

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