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Intelligent Security Solutions From Bosch at IFSEC


Bosch Security Systems showcased its innovations and technologies during this year’s IFSEC International in London.

Bosch believes that the future of Video Security is to utilize the hidden potential of the huge amounts of video data collected and to start using 100 percent of this data. By offering built-in video analytics as standard, Bosch is enabling customers to interpret this video data directly at the source, to re-assign it to help them make smarter business decisions. Anything from monitoring presence to reducing utility bills, to identifying patterns in customer activity to improve sales by recognizing ‘hot spots’ in retail environments. Or distinguishing ‘road blocks’ to optimize shop layout to increase customer satisfaction.

In order to support their strategy, Bosch was showing a completely renewed product portfolio as of the IP 4000i up to the MIC IP fusion 9000i. All new products offer built-in video analytics as standard, latest intelligent bitrate management techniques combined with H.265 to reduce bitrate by up to 80 percent and various software and hardware measures, such as a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM), to keep video data secure.

IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 6000 cameras
A completely renewed portfolio with fixed dome, box and bullet cameras. From retail to industrial solutions, a smart combination of these cameras offers solutions for indoor or outdoor, day or night, discrete or visible video security. With built-in video analytics as standard, they offer the ability to start repurposing captured video data for other uses than security alone.

Autodome IP 4000i, 5000i and 7000 cameras
These moving cameras give the ability to locate, track and zoom in on objects quickly and easily. With a resolution of 1080p combined with 30x optical zoom, users can easily identify objects over large distances, offering total control of what they choose to see.

MIC IP starlight 7000i and MIC IP fusion 9000i
The true potential of the MIC IP moving cameras is the combination of their rugged design with built-in Intelligent Video Analytics that is specifically designed for the most demanding environments. Even in the most extreme conditions, video data can be interpreted directly at the source to further improve the level of security or enable the video data to do more than security alone. The new MIC IP fusion 9000i offers a unique feature in terms of video analytics: metadata fusion. It fuses the metadata of the camera’s built-in optical and thermal imager, providing users with full situational awareness - regardless of whether it is the optical or thermal video stream that is being watched. Metadata fusion helps users to focus on ‘invisible’ things that need attention. Another innovation offered by both MIC IP models is video analytics in motion. An operator is alerted, or the camera’s Intelligent Tracking feature is triggered, the moment a moving object or person is detected while the MIC IP camera is panning, tilting or zooming.

Bosch Video Management System
With BVMS 7.5, Bosch has expanded its range of VMS software with the introduction of the BVMS Viewer - a new variant aimed at small and medium-sized applications. BVMS is a scalable solution that grows with the user’s needs. From BVMS Viewer to Professional or Enterprise, it can easily be upgraded while keeping the same look and feel so that no further operator training is required.

In-Store Analytics
In-Store Analytics provides retailers with actionable insights on how shoppers travel through a store. Merchandisers can now measure how successful their store setup is engaging customers. Operations managers benefit from reliable store traffic data to improve customer service and capitalize on peak traffic times. With position data generated at the edge of our Intelligent Bosch IP cameras, the solution easily scales to cover the largest retail stores and can be used for loss prevention.

Cloud-based Installer Services
If maintenance and services are a core part of your business, then it is the time to capitalize on remote services. They are proving an increasingly essential resource for new business and an excellent tool to improve efficiency. The Bosch Remote Portal now supports additional Bosch devices and further services for installers.

Building Integration System
The Bosch Building Integration System is a software solution that manages different Bosch security subsystems like access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, public address or intrusion systems on one single platform. Besides, Bosch BIS offers a “tool box” to allow integration with third party applications via open standards and Software Development Kits.

With the Commercial Series family of motion detectors Bosch expands its portfolio of wall-mount motion detectors, which already includes Blue Line Gen2 for residential and small commercial applications and the Professional Series for midsized to large commercial environments. With the new Commercial Series, Bosch again raises the bar in intrusion detection, delivering the perfect blend of price and performance for small to midsized commercial applications. Like the rest of the portfolio, the new detectors provide excellent catch performance, minimize false alarms and offer unique features to ensure accurate and reliable performance while significantly reducing installation time and complexity.

The video-based fire detection Aviotec is representing a new generation in threat-detection capabilities. Utilizing a unique, scientifically tested physical detection model, Bosch technology spots fires and disturbances, predicts behavior to reduce false alarms and speeds reaction time – helping you stop threats before they spread. Building upon proven Bosch camera technology with Bosch's built-in Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), Aviotec can supplement state-of-the-art fire detection technologies and enables early detection of smoke and flames in environments where these cannot offer satisfactory reaction times such as buildings with high ceilings or dusty and humid areas. Aviotec can also secure environments where no other solutions exist, for example saw mills or paper factories, hangars or extremely large monitoring areas.

IP-based Remote Services for Modular Fire Alarm Panels, the solution for remote diagnostics and remote maintenance increases the reliability of fire panels and maximizes operational efficiency. Bosch’s Remote Services enable system integrators to monitor facilities remotely around the clock and to detect problems early so their clients benefit from quicker responses and less downtime.

Paviro Public Address and Voice Evacuation System
Paviro is a combined public address and voice evacuation system that offers outstanding audio quality. Easily and quickly specified and configured with optimized system costs, and extremely efficient in its power consumption, Paviro sets a new standard in the field of combined public address and voice evacuation systems. Paviro’s highly flexible, modular system architecture makes it an attractive, complete system solution for small- to medium-sized installations, including office buildings, regional airports, hotels, factories, schools, department stores and more. As a sound reinforcement solution, it offers best-in-class audio quality; as an evacuation system, it offers exceptional reliability; and as a public address system, it offers a level of clarity and intelligibility in line with the highest standards.

The Paviro Public Address and Voice Evacuation System from Bosch now offers users new hardware and software features for enhanced usability and for use in larger applications. Using IP technology, Paviro provides a highly flexible, reliable and secure system solution with superior audio quality and low latency – independent of distance and project size. As installers can use existing networks in the building infrastructure, relying on IP technology also results in faster installations and lower implementation costs.

Commercial Audio Solutions
Commercial Audio Solutions provide different control methods and speaker types geared to the needs of different business environments. Bosch Commercial Audio Solutions not only create an elegant and comfortable business environment, but also enhance the retail and hospitality customer experience and enhance brand value, creating more opportunities for business owners.

Plena matrix Digital Sound System
The advanced features of the Plena matrix Digital Sound System provides superb audio performance with wireless control across up to eight output zones. With audio quality, tailored for a wide range of applications — including live music, background music, high-demand speech environments and zone announcements — the Plena matrix system delivers full featured digital audio control, with maximum flexibility and reliability.

Compact Sound Speaker System
The Compact Sound Speaker System is designed to offer a premium quality acoustic performance-to-size ratio in the small-format installed sound category. The family includes five sonically and aesthetically matched models, which allow complete systems to be customized more effectively and more economically: subwoofer and satellite speakers for surface-mounting, subwoofer and satellite speakers for ceilings, and a pendant speaker.

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