01.10.2021 • Product

One for all: Grundig Security’s Network Keyboard

Abetechs Oktober 2021 EN


The control panel in a sturdy metal housing controls all Grundig Security NVRs, DVRs and IP cameras and is designed for 24/7 operation. Live images can be viewed either on the 10.1" touchscreen display and/or on an external monitor, which can be connected directly to the keyboard via HDMI or DVI. For maximum user comfort, the detachable joystick console with its integrated 4-axis joystick can be operated left- or right-handed. When it comes to power supply, the network keyboard may be powered via PoE or via the supplied 12 V DC plug-in power supply unit.

Further information on the GD-KB-AT2430P network keyboard is available on the supplier's website.

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Abetechs GmbH - Grundig Security

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