27.05.2024 • Product

Optex: Intrusion Detection EchoPoint – GSA25 Finalist

EchoPoint Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) are specifically designed to deliver advanced intrusion detection in large perimeters and high security sites.


The latest evolution in fibre optic sensing technology, the EchoPoint series utilises intelligent detection algorithms to provide point detection of +/- 6m in a range of up to 100km, as well as the ability to classify intrusion attempts, making it ideal for large sites where being able to locate and identify the precise point of intrusion is critical, such as airports and critical infrastructure. With versatile mounting options including underground, fence mounted or a combination of both, EchoPoint can be deployed to suit the individual needs of every site.

The EchoPoint systems use an advanced pattern-recognition classification algorithm to help analyse the different types of intrusion. For instance, in a fence application, the sensors can classify and recognize intrusion attempts of cutting through wired fences, and climbing over and under which can be useful to determine any weak points or predict future intruder behaviour. 

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OPTEX (Europe) Ltd. - EMEA Headquarters

Unit 13, Cordwallis Park, Clivemont Road
SL6 7BZ Maidenhead

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