11.05.2023 • Product

Tdsi Launches Gardisvu Hybrid-Cloud-Based Video Management Solution

Tdsi announces the launch of its new Gardisvu video management solution, its first hybrid-cloud-based CCTV offering, which is designed to synchronize directly with, and complement its Gardis ecosystem of integrated access control and security solutions.      

The Gardisvu VMS is another key component in the Gardis range, which features a hybrid-cloud-based approach to security for flexibility of operations and installation to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market. Leveraging the considerable pool of security technology expertise within its parent organisation, the Vitaprotech Group, Tdsi’s Gardisvu utilises the powerful computing engine and CCTV system from fellow member company Recas and the powerful video analytics engine from recently added group member Foxstream.  

Gardisvu’s Hybrid-Cloud solution offers on-premises video storage with cloud-based supervision and monitoring. This system architecture combines the benefits of 24/7 browser-based monitoring and video management with physical on-premises storage, which reduces the ongoing cost implications and data security concerns often associated with data storage in the cloud.

Gardisvu runs as a service to provide a complete turnkey CCTV and VMS Solution which is quick and easy to install and simple to operate, combining Recording Servers, Remote Display Servers, and a VMS and Monitoring Solution. The system works with RTSP and Onvif Camera Streams from Dahua, Axis, Bosch, Hikvision, Sony and Hanwha Cameras, which are automatically detected on demand to provide fast and efficient setup.

John Davies, Managing Director of Tdsi commented, “We are very excited to be launching our first cloud-based CCTV offering, which brings together our Gardis access control range with a powerful video and surveillance element. This has been a major project for our development team and has been undergoing rigorous testing to ensure it delivers the detection and alert capabilities that any automated security system requires.”

Available in the UK and across its international markets, Tdsi’s Gardisvu solution represents an important development in its product portfolio, as John added, “Tdsi has a long tradition of integrating video systems with our access control solutions, notably with our venerable Vugarde2 VMS. However, with Gardis being centred on cloud solutions, the time was right to update this and Gardisvu takes video management and integrated security to the next level in terms of a powerful hybrid-cloud-based approach, which perfectly meets the need for flexibility and strength in the post-pandemic world.”

Gardisvu was a key product focus during its appearance at The Security Event 2023 (NEC Birmingham, UK, 25th-27th April) and featured in a dedicated pod on its stand to highlight the company’s video integration offering and to give visitors a live demonstration of the system in action.

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