27.05.2024 • Product

Wilka: easySmart, access management from a distance – GSA25 Finalist

No more sending the key to the rented holiday flat or leaving it with neighbours. With easySmart, the cloud-based access solution from WILKA, access times can be defined to the minute and conveniently communicated to arriving guests or service providers via app.


Users only need an app to open a door. The administrator sends this to them by email as a download link. Using the "easySmart App", the administrator grants and withdraws access authorisations in real time, regardless of where they are and whether they are working with a smartphone, tablet or computer. All features can be accessed via cloud. Users receive the information that is important to them immediately on their app, turning their smartphone into a key.

In contrast to other products, with "easySmart" the administrator can create an unlimited number of users per door free of charge. Together with a software partner from the smart building sector, other smart control tasks such as heating and lighting control, video surveillance or the home charging station for electric cars can be integrated.


Business Partner

Wilka Schließtechnik GmbH

Mettmanner Str. 56-64
42549 Velbert

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21.03.2024 • ProductSecurity

Stylish New Entrance Control from Gunnebo

Gunnebo Entrance Control has launched SpeedStile FP Glide as a stylish new form of entrance control, designed to meet the evolving security needs of modern offices, public spaces, and commercial buildings.

12.03.2024 • ProductSafety

DEHNventil ACI M: Standard-compliant Surge Protection in Industry

High demands are placed on the availability of switchgear in, for example, industrial plants, data centres, hospitals and large administrative buildings. This makes surge protection essential. At the same time, replacement of the surge protection module should not influence system availability. The new DEHNventil ACI M TNS 264 FM has no backup fuse and is flexible in terms of its application. In the event of a fault, the protection module is safely disconnected and can be quickly removed from the base part from either side or the front. The touch-safe design allows the protection module to be replaced without system downtime. The ACI technology employed also enables connection cross-sections of just 16 mm2. This facilitates installation and saves time.

12.03.2024 • ProductSafety

HVI Light Plus for Lightning Protection Applications

When installing bare, uninsulated air-termination conductors on the roof, the separation distance to electrical and metal systems installed under the roof surface must be maintained in accordance with the current lightning protection standard DIN EN 62305-3. Cable installations, pipe systems or metal parts are frequently installed under the roofing in direct proximity to the air-termination system / down conductor, thus posing a proximity issue. The solution is isolated air-termination systems with high-voltage-resistant, insulated down conductors.