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GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018 – the Winners

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for. Thanks...

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for. Thanks to all participants!

Category A: Safe Automation:

!!! In alphabetical order, as these winners are presented at SPS/IPC/Drives show in November

E. Dold: Radio-Controlled Safety Module UH 6900, Schmersal Group: Safety Light Barriers SLB, Keyence: Safety Laser Scanner SZV

Category B: Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety:

1st Place

Novar a Honeywell Company: Fire Detector
Integrated Fire Detector and Design Luminaire

A fire detector as multifunctional all-rounder integrated into a design luminaire fulfills the challenging aesthetic requirements of architects. The development of a patented, VdS-compliant combined fire detector and LED luminaire meets legal regulations for the installation of fire detectors and other depending ceiling-mounted devices. The new luminaire has been developed to cover the various requirements of customers in terms of an aesthetic device, using both modern materials as well as energy and resource efficient LED technology. From the very basic need to illuminate passageways up to the highest standards with regard to quality and aesthetic design.

2nd  Place

Asecos: V-MOVE-90
Safety Storage Cabinet

The V-Move is the only safety storage cabinet for hazardous substances with innovative vertical drawer technology. The vertical drawer is easy to open and close at the push of a button. The double-sided access offers to overlook and reach stored containers conveniently at any time. Furthermore, the depth of 86 cm uses the previously unused space behind the only 60 cm deep conventional safety storage cabinets. The width of only 45 cm saves space for a maximum coherent work surface. The V-Move, in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1, has a 90 minutes fire resistance, an anti-trap protection, an automatic closing system after 60 seconds and a battery puffer in the event of a power breakdown.

3rd Place

Prymos: Prymos Combined Fire Protection
Fire extinguishing spray and PM10 DIN EN 3 fire extinguisher

When a fire starts, every second counts. That is why this fire extinguishing spray, always at hand and intuitive to use, as well as providing distribution across a wide area, is a good alternative to the conventional fire extinguishers that weigh in at up to 20 kg. As a backup, especially for use by trained firefighters, it is also wise to have a larger fire extinguisher at the ready. That is why Prymos, in addition to its fire extinguishing spray, also offers fire extinguishers made from non-corrosive composite materials such as Kevlar and HDPE, including gas and vapour barriers. The advantage? These Prymos PM10 extinguishers manage for ten years without maintenance, making them a significant cost-saver. Prymos Combined Fire Protection meets the requirements of ASR A2.2 (technical regulations for workplaces) and of the new German Operational Safety Ordinance, which means that it complies with the essential standards and regulations in all its professionally designed variants.

Category C: Video Security

1st Place

Bosch: MIC IP fusion 9000i
Optical and Thermal Camera

MIC IP fusion 9000i moving cameras are designed to perform in practically any environment. These cameras have an optical and thermal imager in one rugged housing, combined with Intelligent Video Analytics. Their unique metadata fusion feature fuses metadata of the optical and thermal imager. If an alarm is detected, but not necessarily visible in the video stream being watched, an alarm is triggered anyway. The solid metal bodies of the MIC IP fusion 9000i can withstand severe weather conditions. That includes high winds, rain, fog, dust and 100% humidity (NEMA 6P and IP68), temperatures from -40℃ to +65℃, extreme vibrations (IEC60068) and high impacts (IK10). The superior metallurgy and finish of these MIC IP cameras provide unprecedented protection against corrosion (ISO 12944 C5M). Built-in starlight technology ensures highly detailed color images in extreme low-light situations. Additionally, MIC IP fusion 9000i cameras offer Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and intelligent streaming, combined with H.265 video compression. This can reduce bitrate by up to 80%.

2nd Place

Axis: Axis P1368-E
4K Network Camera

The Axis P1368-E Network Camera offers 4K Ultra HD resolution at 25/30 fps. The camera is suitable for all weather conditions and offers IK10-, IP66- and NEMA 4X-ratings at  temperature range -40 °C to 55 °C. Equipped with i-CS lens, the camera enables remote zoom and focus and supports standard CS-mount lenses. In complex lighting the WDR -Forensic Capture together with Lightfinder will discover all details. The use of interchangeable lenses comes in handy. Instead of installing an indoor camera in an outdoor housing, the camera was built modular. The image sensor is mounted on a guide rail and can be moved very far backwards in the housing to provide enough space for longer CS mount lenses. In combination with the i-CS technology, compatible lenses can be controlled completely via remote control. The processor of the camera is located near the base plate, which means a significant advantage for temperature management.

3rd Place

Hikvision: iDS-2DF8225IH-A
Dual-Sensor Camera

The new Hikvision iDS-2DF8225IH-A camera combines Dual-Sensor Imaging and Bi-Spectral Fusion technology. The camera has 1920*1080P HD output, and IR range of up to 200m and supports the new H.265+ codec. One IR imaging sensor guarantees image brightness, and another visible light sensor guarantees vivid colour. The combination of the two makes one full colour image. This ultra-low light technology is based on the retina imaging human eyes use that process the colour and brightness, and provide full colour images in the ultra-low light environment.

Category D: Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Protection

1st Place

Assa Abloy: Cliq Go
Mechatronical Access Control

Cliq Go extends the Cliq mechatronic locking and access control ecosystem to enable easy, secure cloud management from a smartphone. Managers can administer their Cliq Go system from a phone, tablet or PC, using the intuitive Cliq Go app. A few taps on the screen is all it takes to issue or revoke a key’s permissions, or to instantly revoke and replace a lost key and update a cylinder at the door. The app allows administrators to amend any individual access rights or schedule time-limited access on the move, and to reprogram a Cliq key. There’s no need for software installation or maintenance at the client end. Customers manage their entire system in the cloud with the user-friendly Cliq Go app. Just one coding for all systems enables Locksmiths to keep keys and cylinders in stock, and to program and configure on demand using the Cliq Express software. It is perfect for installers and resellers who want to offer quicker, more efficient services to their small and medium-sized clients.

2nd Place

SimonsVoss: MobileKey
Keyless Access Control

With its recently developed product line MobileKey, SimonsVoss is offering the smart yet innovative access to the keyless world – on highest possible security level and at a reasonable price level with full transparency and cost control. MobileKey´s clearly defined product range is targeting SME as well as residential customers up to 20 locking devices and 100 users. How does it work? In fact it is only few steps to keyless with MobileKey: Easy installation of cylinder and wireless Pin Code keypad, self-explanatory handling, tracking and maintenance via a free of charge Web-Application. The online extension allows remote opening, Key4Friends, wireless Door Monitoring functionality and additional alarm features.

3rd Place

Uhlmann & Zacher: CX6174
Electronic Door Fitting With Short Plate

The new electronic door fitting with short plate CX6174 extends the range of door fittings of Uhlmann & Zacher. It convinces with its elegant and sturdy stainless steel design, which allows it to discretely adapt to the architecture of existing and new buildings. The combination with functional and appealing handle shapes allows an additional level of customisation. The fitting can be installed in fire and smoke resistant doors as well as emergency exits (DIN EN 179). The hole layout corresponds to the standard holes for short plate fittings and can be installed without additional holes in existing doors of this type. The door fitting with short plate can be flexibly programmed and made available for all types of standard transponders.

Category E: Safety And Security Management

1st Place

Dom: Tapkey
Virtual Key Ring App

Tapkey is a cloud-based app that works like a virtual key ring. In combination with the digital cylinders and fittings from DOM, a digital access control system can be created in just a few minutes: Mounting the DOM Tapkey cylinder/fitting or similar into the door, downloading the Tapkey app from the Google or Apple Store and activating the account, connecting the account with the DOM Tapkey cylinder/fitting or similar. After that, all access rights can be organized from a smartphone.

2nd Place

Siemens Building Technologies: Siveillance Viewpoint

Siveillance Viewpoint is a Physical security information management system, that is able to combine information intelligently. For the first time danger management is combined with process oriented incident handling of a command and control system – without system break. Based on security policies of a company, workflows are configured in the system, which can dynamically be adjusted dependent on all available information and the current threat level. This enables the operator to take fast decisions, even without knowledge of the individual disciplines.

3rd Place

Genetec: Mission Control
Decision Support System

Mission Control is a Decision Support System that provides organizations with new levels of situational intelligence, visualization, and complete incident management capabilities. It allows security personnel to make the right decision when faced with both major threats and routine tasks, such as guiding security and maintenance teams when dealing with operational and maintenance issues. Mission Control empowers organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of an incident, from data consumption (sensor and security device event and alarm monitoring) through to incident resolution, reporting and auditing. While other systems let operators react to presented situations, this approach provides operators with an incomplete picture of the operational environment and leaves organizations exposed. Mission Control allows for greater situational intelligence by using a platform that properly assesses situations, qualifies a variety of incoming sensor data, and translates that data into incidents that expose the true nature of a situation or a threat. Instead of simply sending alarms, the product guides operators through the entire lifecycle of an incident, from trigger to resolution.

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