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05.01.2024 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy: New Whitepaper Explores Access Trends and Market Drivers in Multi-residential Property

“Multi-residential” or “multifamily” housing is now Europe’s second-largest real estate sector. Here, as in many other businesses, digitalization is gathering pace. Access and security management can lead a move to digital, streamlining operations and making life more convenient for residents, property managers and landlords, as a new Assa Abloy whitepaper explores.

27.11.2023 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy: No More Missing Keys in Dutch College

Koning Willem I College in north-east Brabant, Netherlands, offers a broad range of educational and integration programs. In total, around 18,000 students take 250 courses at its 16 locations. A new location on Onderwijsboulevard in 's-Hertogenbosch was designed to be a model modern educational institution — and this included for its access control.

14.11.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Assa Abloy: When Digital PINs Replace Traditional Keys, Staff in a Small Business Save Time

In many small businesses, the task of handing out and tracking keys is laborious and time-consuming. And because mechanical locking requires a keyholder to be present, staff absences or vacations cause a problem — including unnecessary waiting around for an important door to be opened. A simple, familiar solution is offered when businesses make a simple switch to digital PIN locking.

13.11.2023 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy in the Workplace: Electronic Access Control for More Than Just Doors

​​​​​​​Often overlooked, storage for valuables, documents and personal items deserves the same protection as offices, labs or accommodation. Yet many access solutions leave these important access points poorly secured. Intelligent electronic control often stops at the door, ignoring the critical safety needs of many forgotten openings.

26.10.2023 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy: Streamlining Openings and Fire Door Inspection With a New Multi-functional Mobile App

​​​​​​​The creation of clear, transparent inspection protocols boosts the safety of multi-residential properties — and reassures both owners and building residents. To maximize the effectiveness of the inspection cycle, a reliable, up-to-date source of specification info is critical. As at many other stages of the building life-cycle, digitalization can be an ideal solution.

09.09.2023 • News

Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEIA Acquires Kinetron

Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEIA is pleased to announce it has acquired Kinetron, a leading specialist in motion-based energy harvesting systems for self-powered products, as part of its efforts to accelerate growth and continue its journey as a leader in digital access solutions.

14.07.2023 • NewsSecurity

New Market Report Analyses How Wireless Access Control is Evolving

Connectivity and convenience are key themes in the latest edition of the biennial Wireless Access Control Report. Using data gathered from a new survey of 400 security, facilities management and IT professionals, the Wireless Access Control Report 2023 identifies trends which will shape this market and customers’ experience over the coming years.

19.06.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Assa Abloy's Code Handle: The Easy, Digital, Keyless Locking Solution for Medical Practices

​​​​​​​Even in the busiest dental or doctors’ practice, there is a simple way to give patients privacy, protect medical equipment and keep personal belongings safe: a Code Handle Door Lock. This simple, secure door handle with inbuilt digital PINpad is easy to fit and straightforward to use — with no need for specialists or software. It’s the perfect security solution for waiting rooms and medicine rooms, drug stores, consulting rooms and staff rooms.

19.05.2023 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy Partnership Helps Property Developer to Gain LEED Certification

Interest in greener buildings is rising fast. To drive and meet demand, Polish developer Torus aim for the highest level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification for all their properties in the Gdansk area. To achieve this for two new office developments, they sought a partner for security solutions with extensive experience supporting green building certification and specifications. They partnered with Assa Abloy Opening Solutions.

06.04.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Five Ways Building Projects Benefit From Working With Assa Abloy

​​​​​​​The digitalization of building design and construction presents challenges and major opportunities. The need to manage and marshal project information is much greater than in the “analogue” world. Yet if done right, a shift to digital processes can save money and time, and end with a greener, more usable building. However, to fully realize these benefits, many projects are missing a key ingredient: expertise.

20.03.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Assa Abloy: A Door Closer That Opens Like It Isn’t Even There

When a door is equipped with a high-quality door closer, building users feel safer. They know that fire doors shut tight and sensitive openings are protected against unauthorized entry. But sometimes, door closer technology can also create barriers to genuine access-for-all. The problem is greater still for users who — for many reasons — have restricted strength or mobility.

20.11.2022 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy: Why a Specialist Manufacturer Chose Scalable Incedo Access Control to Protect its Multi-use Premises

Securing King Engine Bearings’ manufacturing facility in Israel posed all the challenges of mixed-use sites. Their location in Kiryat-Gat is used for manufacturing, sales and distribution. To control and manage access to offices, the warehouse and a packaging facility, they needed an integrated solution with flexibility and a comprehensive device range to match.

16.11.2022 • Topstories

Assa Abloy: Improving Energy Efficiency With Door Closers

​​​​​​​A properly shut door provides comfort and protection to whoever is using the space behind it. However, closing doors can have a wider impact on overall building performance. Fully closed doors affect both user security and a building’s energy consumption.

05.11.2022 • TopstoriesSecurity

Assa Abloy's Provides Access Control for Bucharest Public Transport Provider

The Bucharest Transport Company (STB) provides public transit for Romania’s capital city and the surrounding area. They operate a range of tram, bus and trolleybus services — around 2,000 vehicles in total — from several depots and terminals*. To manage time, attendance and ID for a staff of approximately 11,000 people, they sought an innovative, user-friendly technology solution.

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