Historic Munich Building Adds Digital Key-based Access Management from Assa Abloy

Munich’s Hofbräuhaus enjoys an iconic status, as both a heritage property and a spiritual home for lovers of German beer. “In this historic building is the world’s most famous tavern,” explains its Security Manager, Robert Graßl. “The whole world goes in and out. Security is very important.”

Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V commissioned Munich’s original Hofbräuhaus in 1589, initially as a brewery to supply the Wittelsbacher Hof. Moved at the end of the 19th century and severely damaged during World War II, it underwent reconstruction in 1958. It now attracts tourists and city locals, seating up to 3,000 guests indoors and a further 400 in the beer garden.

Although the building is an important heritage monument, it required 21st-century digital access to keep site users safe and streamline day-to-day operations. They wanted fast, secure access rights management for employees and service providers – including up to 100 waiters working each shift – within a unified system which could authorize access at both the Hofbräuhaus and their food production facility in Brunntal.

Of course, unobtrusive digital devices and low-impact installation were a necessity to ensure compliance with heritage preservation regulations.

Digital access for a famous heritage building
Many electronic access products and technologies are not appropriate for historic buildings. An Ecliq key-based digital access solution is different: Ecliq cylinders are compatible with the strict monument preservation requirements at the Hofbräuhaus. They have a flush fit, so don’t even appear to be part of an electronic locking system. With wireless installation at the doors, devices blend with the building interior.

“We can exchange a mechanical cylinder 1:1 with an Ecliq cylinder without having to modify anything on the door or install cables,” confirms Miriem Hammoudi, Business Development Manager at Assa Abloy Sicherheitstechnik GmbH.

Assa Abloy fitted around 100 Ecliq locking cylinders and supplied 340 Ecliq programmable keys for Hofbräuhaus managers to issue to relevant staff and service contractors.

Easy operation for flexible, cost-efficient management
Every Ecliq key has an integrated chip and is programmable individually for the keyholder. The versatility of Ecliq is demonstrated when a key is lost: Access authorizations are removed rapidly – simply by reprogramming cylinders – ensuring security is maintained. The Ecliq system also helps manage workflows for service providers such as cleaners: Their access is enabled on a time-limited basis. A standard battery inside each programmable electronic key powers the cylinder or padlock on insertion – and encrypts data transfer between cylinder, key and system – so no external power source or wiring is needed.

The Hofbräuhaus team manages their system via a flexible, scalable web-based platform, Cliq Web Manager: “I can program keys from anywhere or also block them quickly if a key has been lost or if someone is no longer allowed to enter,” says Robert Graßl. “And I can install any cylinder in any door by adjusting the length. I don’t have to carry extra stock which is really cost effective.”

With the hosting solution chosen, access data is stored securely at Assa Abloy, accessible anytime and from any location, which is an ideal configuration for managing large systems or multiple locations. Their system is easy to expand anytime – future-proofing Hofbräuhaus access.

“The situation before the new master key system was installed was problematic,” says Robert Graßl. “Keys were distributed and nobody knew who held them. Now, everyone carries only one key programmed with details of where and when they can enter. It’s perfect.”

Low-profile and with wire-free installation, eCLIQ electronic cylinders are...
Low-profile and with wire-free installation, eCLIQ electronic cylinders are perfect for heritage sites. (Photo: Sperger Gaststättenbetrieb OHG)

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