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i-PRO Announces New Anti-Ligature Corner Camera with High Impact Rating

The new corner camera features small form factor stainless steel IK11+ 70J impact-rated housing and advanced AI-powered analytics. It is expected to be available in September 2024 from i-PRO’s global network of resellers.

i-PRO announced its new AI-enabled Corner Camera. Built in Japan for the rigors of correctional facilities, this exceptionally compact and robust stainless-steel camera represents the smallest form factor, which is IK11 compliant. Its ability to withstand a 70 Joule (70J) impact exceeds the common IK10 (20J) impact ratings of similar devices. 

“The i-PRO Corner Camera represents a new standard for high-security environments, providing unmatched reliability and advanced AI-powered analytics all within the most compact form factor” said Gerard Figols, Chief Product Officer at i-PRO. “With its IK11+ 70J rating, it is clearly the most shock-resistant corner mount surveillance camera in the industry today.”

The camera’s wide-angle view (131° horizontal, 95° vertical) limits blind spots, providing full room coverage. The sensor provides a ±5° yaw adjustment and a ±5° tilt to further conform to installation requirements. An invisible IR-LED illuminates up to 15 meters using a 940nm wavelength. While the stainless steel body exceeds an equivalent IK11+ impact rating, any attempt to tamper with the camera, from impacts to opening the case, instantly sends an alarm to operators. 

The i-PRO Corner Camera measures just 197x139x126 mm (7.76x5.47x4.96 inches). With a dynamic range of 132 dB, images remain clear in a variety of lighting conditions. “The engineers at i-PRO have done it again. When you factor in the additional license-free AI applications, it’s truly an industry-leading camera” said Figols. The camera’s all-important anti-ligature design prevents self-harm incidents while minimizing any attempt to remove the camera by force.

Powerful AI-assisted Edge Analytics

The corner camera supports up to three free i-PRO AI applications simultaneously, such as AI Video Motion Detection, Privacy Guard, and People Detection. To protect prisoner privacy, i-PRO’s AI Privacy Guard feature can automatically blur faces or entire bodies, creating a redacted stream. A built-in microphone facilitates AI-based sound detection of yelling, glass breaks, and more.


For enhanced cybersecurity, the vandal-proof camera includes a secure boot feature and complies with the FIPS 140-2 level 3 standard.

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