16.10.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

AI and AIoT Will Reshape the Industry

Based on an extensive R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for the security industry and a broad range of vertical markets. The company extends its reach to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries to achieve its long-term vision. GIT SECURITY spoke with Tony Yang, Vice President of International Business Center at Hikvision, about trends in the industry, AI and how Hikvision helps customers to overcome their challenges.

12.09.2023 • TopstoriesManagement

Pierre Racz Part 2: "Working on IA not on AI!"

In part two of this three-part interview series with Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, he is telling us about how they are matching machine learning and the human factor to solve crime. Very good engineering and understanding the limits of video analytics is a key factor in customer success.

10.05.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Bosch: Artificial Intelligence in Building Control

The digitalization of buildings of all sizes promises to deliver significant benefits for their owners, operators, and the individual users. It already made the automation of system controls possible using smart technology a long time ago – but when confronted by increasing complexity, artificial intelligence makes its welcome appearance. First of all, you build a digital twin of the building, such as Bosch Building Technologies does. This provides the most transparent view of all the elements of the building’s technology – and shows their most efficient way of working together. GIT SECURITY spoke about the subject with Andreas Mauer, Chief Architect at Bosch Building Technologies.

26.10.2021 • TopstoriesManagement

Security made easy with AI

“Until recently, AI-powered security used to be reserved for enterprises and other large organizations with large budgets – but no longer. Now, small businesses can also harness the power of AI to improve your security, save time, and reduce costs – thanks to Hikvision’s AcuSense technology,” says Kevin You, Product Management Director at Hikvision.

29.04.2021 • NewsSecurity

Stand and Deliver - What Can You Expect from Video Analysis?

Video analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning – most people have heard these terms before and think they know what they mean. In practice, however, many quickly flounder when such technical terms need to be explained and differentiated from one another. GIT SECURITY has asked Florian Matusek, Product Group Director, Video Analytics at Genetec what role they play in video analysis.

12.04.2021 • NewsSecurity

Security with the power to learn

Cameras are about to change the way we live and work and all for the better. With security cameras around the world predicted to reach one billion in 2021, the combination of Artificial Intelligence and the latest generation open camera technology will change the world’s perceptions from Big Brother to big benefit.

09.08.2019 • News

AI-Powered Automated Threat Detection Platform

Synapse Technology Partners with Bavak to Provide AI-Powered Automated Threat Detection Platform in Europe.Artificial intelligence (AI) security and defense company Synapse Technol...

25.07.2019 • TopstoriesSecurity

Securing ATMs 24/7

ATMs have become a cornerstone of day-to-day life for millions, but they can also be vulnerable to attack. The global ATM Industry Association reported an increase of ATM crime of ...

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Pierre Racz: "Real Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist"
part one of a three-part interview series

Pierre Racz: "Real Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist"

In part one Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, is addressing why IP network video systems were the game changer in the industry and why he does not like the term AI.