Dahua Technology's 2019 Annual Report

Dahua Technologys recently released 2019 annual report shows the company’s...
Dahua Technology's recently released 2019 annual report shows the company’s steady growth in the past year.

Dahua Technology, IoT solution and service provider, released its 2019 annual report, showing the company’s steady growth in the past year with improvement in the overall operating quality, as well as its development prospects for the future.

During the year of 2019, Dahua Technology achieved operating revenue of RMB 26.149 billion or USD 3.73 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 10.50 percent. Facing complex domestic and international environments and challenges in 2019, Dahua Technology has firmly adhered to its key technological innovation, continuously improved its video-centric smart IoT solution capabilities, and explored the development trend in the market and industry. 

Precise Investment in R&D
Focused on AI, cloud computing, big data and software platform, Dahua Technology’s R&D investment in 2019 reached RMB 2.794 billion or USD 399 million with a year-on-year increase of 22.35 percent, accounting for 10.69 percent of operating revenue. The company's cumulative R&D investment has reached RMB 11.119 billion or USD 1.59 billion since its listing. Dahua has a global marketing and service network, which can provide customers with efficient and fast end-to-end services, prompting the development of its overseas business. At the same time, the company continuously tries to increase its intelligent manufacturing and safe supply capabilities, and to establish an efficient system for the global market. 

Future Development
To meet people’s aspirations and needs under the rapid development of new technologies, Dahua Technology aims to increas its investment in technological innovations in order to bring a safe and smart digital experience to cities, enterprises and individuals worldwide.

In the future, Dahua Technology wants to focus on the innovation of vertical industry application, utilizing its video-centric IoT system architecture to accelerate its upgrade into platform-based business, and building an ecosystem to provide customers with all-win success through open cooperation.

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