iLoq S50 now fully compatible with iPhone

iLoq S50: The key is an iPhone - and vice versa
iLoq S50: The key is an iPhone - and vice versa

With Apple opening its NFC (near field communications) capabilities for third parties in its latest iOS 13 operating system, it’s now even easier to use the iLoq S50 mobile access sharing solution.

NFC is at the heart of the S50 product family. The system locks generate the required power for confirming access rights and opening from an NFC field created by a key. In this case, the key is a smartphone. Thanks to Apple’s decision, S50 is now fully accessible to both Android and Apple phone users.

iLoq S50 provides  benefits for service, maintenance and property managers in, for example, utility, energy and telecom business environments. It "removes the inconvenience and security risks related to physical keys". Access rights to locks can be instantly shared over the air and easily managed with one cloud-based, secure software program.

No batteries or cables are needed, which eliminates installation constraints in relation to powering of the locks, and there is no keyway making the product maintenance free. This means savings in maintenance time and costs – particularly beneficial when there are many properties and large numbers of locks in, for example, remote locations. Its short-range operation makes the technology safe, and reliable operation is guaranteed even during power cuts.

You can read more about the importance of NFC technology in a special iLoq blog, and learn more about the iLOQ S50 mobile access sharing solution on the website.

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