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03.05.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Gunnebo Buys DG Concept and Diadem

Gunnebo Entrance Control has acquired DG Concept and Diadem, a French entrance control, design, installation and service specialist, reinforcing its commitment to providing solutions and service globally.

19.03.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Newport Aquarium Replaces Traditional Locks and Keys

Newport Aquarium has replaced its old security system with an easy-to-use, high-security access control solution to keep animals, visitors and staff safe. The Aquarium is located in Newport, Kentucky, USA, and houses thousands of the world’s most exotic aquatic creatures, such as playful penguins, rare white alligators and smiling sharks and stingrays.

12.03.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

How Does a Better Power and Access Integration Help Users?

The demand for more efficient and cost-effective ways to deploy access control is being driven by many factors in today’s market as organizations look to ensure the security and health safety of personnel, mitigate risks and liabilities, and improve various workforce management applications. Yet at the same time, security professionals are being asked to do more with less.

29.02.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Cloud-Based Locking System CESentry

CESentry is the new cloud-based electronic locking system from CES. It consists of an organisation system and a new generation of locking and access devices. The devices have a contemporary look and their design is based on future-proof technologies.

05.01.2024 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy: New Whitepaper Explores Access Trends and Market Drivers in Multi-residential Property

“Multi-residential” or “multifamily” housing is now Europe’s second-largest real estate sector. Here, as in many other businesses, digitalization is gathering pace. Access and security management can lead a move to digital, streamlining operations and making life more convenient for residents, property managers and landlords, as a new Assa Abloy whitepaper explores.

15.12.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Security Systems for Hotels 2023

Although the safety and comfort of guests are always the common denominator in the hotel industry, there are large differences in structure, size and organization of hotels. The security system must also be flexibly adjustable to the various requirements and differences of different hotels. GIT SECURITY looks at different hotel installation examples.

14.11.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Assa Abloy: When Digital PINs Replace Traditional Keys, Staff in a Small Business Save Time

In many small businesses, the task of handing out and tracking keys is laborious and time-consuming. And because mechanical locking requires a keyholder to be present, staff absences or vacations cause a problem — including unnecessary waiting around for an important door to be opened. A simple, familiar solution is offered when businesses make a simple switch to digital PIN locking.

13.11.2023 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy in the Workplace: Electronic Access Control for More Than Just Doors

​​​​​​​Often overlooked, storage for valuables, documents and personal items deserves the same protection as offices, labs or accommodation. Yet many access solutions leave these important access points poorly secured. Intelligent electronic control often stops at the door, ignoring the critical safety needs of many forgotten openings.

26.10.2023 • NewsSecurity

Assa Abloy: Streamlining Openings and Fire Door Inspection With a New Multi-functional Mobile App

​​​​​​​The creation of clear, transparent inspection protocols boosts the safety of multi-residential properties — and reassures both owners and building residents. To maximize the effectiveness of the inspection cycle, a reliable, up-to-date source of specification info is critical. As at many other stages of the building life-cycle, digitalization can be an ideal solution.

11.09.2023 • NewsSecurity

Austrian Hotel Creates Modern Guest Experience with Access Control System

Hotel Flint in Dornbirn, Austria, is a new hotel which combines the best of contemporary and traditional hospitality. In renovating 19th-century Villa Weiss, and extending it with a 21st-century structure, developers sought an intelligent access solution which would both look good and help hotel staff to manage the site and provide guest services more effectively.

07.09.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Clement Menviel: "We Prioritize the Creation of a Unified Seurity Ecosystem"

Clement Menviel, Group Communications Director, Stid talks about how digital access badges have revolutionized security and how they prioritize the creation of a unified security ecosystem that integrates access control, surveillance, and cybersecurity measures for a proactive, real-time response to threats. For our 20 year jubilee, GIT SECURITY has asked leaders in the industry to give an outlook.

07.09.2023 • NewsSecurity

Leading the Way in Next-Generation Security Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of security solutions, STid has established itself as a trailblazer, driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation and a distinct vision of the future. Breaking free from the norm, STid’s independence has allowed it to challenge the status quo and set a new pace in the industry with its cutting-edge offerings.

06.09.2023 • News

Joni Lampinen Joins ACS23 Panel

Joni Lampinen, General Manager from the global-leading, battery-free smart-locking company – iLoq – will be joining Access Control Summit ACS23.

19.07.2023 • NewsSecurity

Auditable Access Management for Waveconn's Telecommunications Infrastructure

Waveconn, developer and investor in Australian telecommunications infrastructure, has been an early adopter and innovator of digital locks for telecommunications infrastructure with the first solution deployed in 2017. In order to ensure continuous secure, reliable, and auditable access management across its network, Waveconn has entered into a partnership with iLoq to roll out iLoq’s battery-free and keyless mobile access sharing solution.

14.07.2023 • NewsSecurity

New Market Report Analyses How Wireless Access Control is Evolving

Connectivity and convenience are key themes in the latest edition of the biennial Wireless Access Control Report. Using data gathered from a new survey of 400 security, facilities management and IT professionals, the Wireless Access Control Report 2023 identifies trends which will shape this market and customers’ experience over the coming years.

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