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Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm embedded in Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Suprema has announced the supply of the latest version of the under-display ultrasonic fingerprint recognition algorithm, BioSign, to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series supported by the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2.

Since 2019, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S10, Suprema has continuously incorporated fingerprint recognition algorithm into numerous Galaxy S series, earning recognition for its world-class technological capabilities.

The BioSign 6.0 version featured in the Samsung Galaxy S24 has received acclaim in the market for its significantly upgraded fingerprint recognition speed and security.

Compared to its predecessor, BioSign 5.0, BioSign 6.0 has achieved a technological innovation that simultaneously enhances speed and accuracy. It provides an improvement in accuracy and a faster response time, to greatly enhance user convenience.

Particularly noteworthy is the optimized AI-based fingerprint analysis algorithm that efficiently recognizes abundant fingerprint information obtained through the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor Gen-2.

"The adoption of Suprema's fingerprint recognition technology in the Samsung Galaxy smartphone series signifies significant recognition of our top-notch technological capabilities in the global market. BioSign 6.0, in particular, is being evaluated for delivering overwhelming performance and user convenience compared to existing technologies, creating expectations for market expansion," said James Lee, Suprema Inc. Founder and Chairman. “Our commitment to continuous advancement in fingerprint and facial recognition technology based on AI, is leading the way in the biometric recognition market.”

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